Kat Von D 5 Piece Brush Set With Case Review

Imma think I love you Kat Von D 5 Piece Brush Set With Case!

This is a little pricey but I think the packaging is stunning.

Take a peek!

This five piece brush set comes housed in a velvet lined red box with a “wax” silver seal symbol baring Kat’s initials in tattoo script on the front as the closure.

The set includes:

This set contains:

  • Smudge Brush
  • Blending Brush
  • Angled Eye Shadow Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Foundation Brush

It pretty much has all the essentials for smudging, blending, concealing, contour, and highlighting but I just wish they included a blush brush of some sort as that would make it very travel friendly.

The brushes are not only pretty with their rose vine tattoo print but they are also very useable as they have soft bristles with a nice dense feel. They apply shadow, makeup, etc…flawlessly. Since Sephora is responsible for the product of Kat’s makeup brand, it’s no surprise the brushes are of excellent quality as I’ve always said that Sephora has brushes that are on par with MAC.

The price is a little iffy at $55 as not counting the case it works out to $11 per brush. They are full size brushes but I still felt like a shave of $10-$15 off the price would make them WAY more appealing or dare I go ahead and say a price of $30-$35 would truly be sweet.

Overall, the Kat Von D 5 Piece Brush Set pleases not only in looks but in use as well! However, I have wishes and hopes for a little cheaper on the price tag should Kat do another set soon as that would gain a Muse Approval all around.

Available now at Sephora and Sephora.com


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  • 5/25/12 13:14 Cj:

    Hey have you tried Real Techniques brushes? I’m like really loving them atm, I haven’t used a sigma brush in weeks lol! Plus they’re super cheap :)


    • 5/25/12 15:01 the Muse:

      umm are those with ones with the rubber black handles? if so, yup! they are pretty good ;-D I really like the cvs essence brushes, those are crazy cheap and so SOFT!


      • 5/25/12 15:17 Cj:

        Noo these are like color coded, orange for face brushes, purple for eyes, and pink for cheeks. Well wait they do have black bottoms… Is that what your talking about? If not here’s a link to em, theyre made by one of the pixiwoo sisters from YouTube :)


        Ooh yeah I’ve heard a lot about the CVS brushes but never tried em, definitely gonna check em out next time im at CVS 😀


        • 6/11/12 16:28 the Muse:

          ooo yes yes I tried these! that’s them! def do and they always have bogo offers on ’em!


      • 5/26/12 3:16 Quinctia:

        I got the best eye brush set in that line…I really prefer smaller brushes and was trying to use my crease brush for EVERYTHING. They have a twofer crease brush set with a normal sized one and this fantastic tiny one. So now I have two normal crease brushes, one tiny one, and that’s great for doing my eyes.

        It’s weird, my eyes are actually on the larger side, I just think I want precision in laying down my shadow.


      • 5/28/12 14:50 cara:

        I used to have the essence of beauty brushes, and they are nice! Also the kirkland brush sets from costco are nice quality and price!


  • 5/26/12 10:32 Steph:

    It looks like there’s dust all over it.


  • 5/26/12 11:49 Wonderland:

    I agree Cj! I love real techniques brushes especially the stippling brush and blush brush.


  • 5/29/12 13:48 Suselew:

    So are these KVD brushes synthetic or natural hair? I don’t do animal hair but they look nice and love the design.


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