L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick Launches in the US

It looks like we are finally getting the L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick Collection here in the US. I guess L’Oreal decided on a Summer 2012 launch for the US market.

Take a look at some of these gorgeous shades!

As I recall the shade selection in the UK was a tiny bit smaller but don’t quote me. I’ve actually had one of these for a while but haven’t tried it yet…! I better hop on reviewing it now that we will be getting them here in the US.

I’m hearing a ton of raves across the board about the formula so count me curious…!

I love some of these shades too by the way!

I don’t have an exact date for the launch but I suspect end of May into June. Not sure on a price either.

Will update accordingly when I do have info!

For now, hope you enjoyed drooling over the shades.

  • 5/21/12 20:46 Lemony Licks:

    The shades are delicious! But they look a bit like the Revlon lip butters. I wonder how they stack up to them.


  • 5/21/12 21:10 Kathleen:

    Mommy, Mommy! Can I have one pleeease! 😉

    I saw an empty display at a Target, so I hope they will be popping up soon! I love me a new lipstick display!

    I bought the Rose Agate ($5 at Wegman’s!!) and like it very much! Might not have tried it if not for your review. Then, on the way out of Wegman’s, I spotted a Who fan wearing a tee “Keep Calm and Don’t Blink.” How cool is that? :)


    • 6/12/12 11:40 the Muse:

      did you find them kathleen? ;-D HA LOVES it!!!!!!!!! ;-D I have the same shirt hehe!


  • 5/21/12 21:47 LouieB:

    I saw a display for these lippies at Target. It was empty…I don’t know if they sold out or they just haven’t stock them yet. All I know is I must get my hands on them!


  • 5/21/12 22:04 Jessica:

    I’ve spotted the displays at Target stores, but none of them were stocked. A friend of mine asked a Target associate at her store, and she was told they were still on order. Can’t wait to try them!


  • 5/22/12 0:31 cat:

    Yay! So excited after hearing FleurdeForce rave about these. I’m drawn to quite a few of these shades. There seems to be a drugstore lip product war going on right now. I have yet to get the Revlon balm stains near me.


  • 5/22/12 0:59 haley:

    violet chiffon and sheer linen look gorg!


  • 5/22/12 2:23 Abi:

    Oooh, these look like a cross between the old L’Oreal Color Juice Sticks (which I love and miss) and the YSL Gloss Volupte I just picked up from CCO (Which carries all the high end L’Oreal brands). I can’t wait!


    • 5/22/12 10:58 Jane:

      What’s CCO? The only Cosmetics Company Outlet I know is the Lauder owned one, and I’ve always wondered where the Lancôme/Shiseido/Lizzy Arden things go…


      • 5/23/12 22:39 Abi:

        Oops. Good catch. I meant Designer Fragrance Outlet which has the Lancôme/Loreal brands. I think I got the name right- the name is so non-descript. Their regular prices aren’t so special, but it’s not unusual to see discontinued items for 50-75% off.


  • 5/22/12 5:55 Aquilah:

    Do these have SPF in them? I hope not, because that’s the only thing that’s prevented me from buying their balms :(


  • 5/22/12 7:38 Mary the Muse Militant:

    I wonder Muse if there are the same as the ones we have here in England? I’m not a lipstick werarer but have 3 of these as they are so lightweight yet pigmented.


    • 5/22/12 9:47 the Muse:

      prob not mary…I remember your collection being a little smaller but correct me if I am wrong also when we finally got the infallible eye shades the colors were vastly diff :( I’m sure the same applies for these!


  • 5/22/12 13:00 Michelle:

    What’s the formula like on these? Are they supposed to be similar to the Lip Butters? I also have one of the old Color Juice sticks and like it a lot, so if that’s the way L’Oreal is going I’d be happy there too.


    • 5/22/12 13:31 the Muse:

      hi michelle did you read the post lol ;D


  • 5/22/12 18:39 dina:

    can’t wait for swatches!! :)


  • 5/22/12 21:17 nLkky:

    These remind me of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine’s for some reason.


  • 5/22/12 21:34 Christina:

    My Target had the display for these but no product – I assume since the display is up, they will be in stock soon…


  • 5/22/12 23:10 leanne:

    These look beautiful…loving blushing sequin. Question though – how are these different from the loreal Balms? Wasn’t a huge fan of those. Most had really poor pigmentation.


  • 5/23/12 1:15 Kate:

    I’m definitely curious; that’s all I can say until I read your review. But I will also point out that this packaging looks very attractive, judging by this photo. I love it when all the drugstore brand keep raising the bar; customers win all around, IMO!

    Thanks again for all your hard work, Musey!


    • 6/11/12 10:22 the Muse:

      aw thanks kate for reading my babble, appreciate it greatly ;D! have you tried these yet?


  • 5/23/12 18:35 the beauty alchemist:

    I asked today and they launch here in July. Some great colors there, I am looking forward to trying them.


  • 5/23/12 23:10 Cynthia:

    I saw them in my target today, and came soooooo close to buying blushing sequin, just based on how amazing the packing looked. Restrained my self because it looked as if someone had swatched it, and that is nasty. Out of two displays only he was stocked and most were already gone. Hope to find a sealed one soon. Darn you l’oreal! You are going to drain my bank account!


  • 5/29/12 22:03 Claire:

    They only have these in a few colors at my target, the rest of them either were all bought out or just have not come in! I bought three of them today and I love them! they are similar to the lip butter by revlon, but they are shinier and not as moisturizing…after the shine wears off it has a silky satin feel instead of a gel feel. When you first swipe these on they almost melt to your lips! they are much more pigmented than I first thought but not as pigmented as a regular lippie. The packaging is different from the ones across the pond, it’s a square shape in gold with a band of color about 1/3 of the way across. These are worth the money, they are not long lasting but they are nice little lippies!


    • 6/11/12 11:52 Leanne:

      Claire – same thing here! When I went to Target there were about 4 colors fully stocked, the rest were totally empty. It seemed strange and I figured maybe they just didn’t get every color in at the same time. I wasn’t a fan of the few colors that were in stock, so I decided to hold off. I wish there were more places to find these beside Target…


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