Wen by Chaz Dean Summer Mango Coconut Cleansing Conditioner

There is something terribly awesome about Wen by Chaz Dean Summer Mango Coconut Cleansing Conditioner!


This new seasonal scent is fully of juicy mangoes and luscious coconut.

Developed to eliminate shampoo & its harsh effects, this is the only cleanser/conditioner you’ll need. Formulated without detergents & sodium laurel sulfate, this non-lathering formula won’t strip the hair or scalp of natural oils, it is safe to use daily.

I just ordered this one, review on the way!

Available now at QVC.com using item number A227507.

  • 5/17/12 10:49 K.B.:

    I’ve always wanted to try these, but 2-in-1 products make my roots look flat (if I’m lucky) or greasy. The mango and coconut combination might be too hard for me to pass up, but don’t these retail for $40-something? I know the bottles are a good size, but that’s a heck of a gamble for me to take. lol


    • 5/18/12 8:55 Stelladiva:

      The only gamble is return shipping. QVC has a 30 day return policy. There are lots of usage tips on the QVC WEN board.


    • 6/14/12 3:19 Tawni:

      On QVC the prices for the 16oz in all the wen formulas is 29.99 plus tax. You should NEVER pay more than that for product. There are offers on the web for the cleansing conditioner and some great extras for 29.99 just remember to cancel future shipments before your 30 days is up and keep the product (you already paid for it with the 29.99). VERY IMPORTANT TO GET THE 30 DAY SUPPLY. NOT THE 90 DAY.
      Hope this helps


  • 5/17/12 11:01 kimkats:

    Ooooo… do let us know how you like it! I got the gardenia one a couple months ago, and I like it, even tho it’s gaggingly expensive.. It seems to agree well with my poor tortured hair! 😀

    let us know if you like the scent, and if it works any better/worser/different than any of the others!

    Can’t wait to see yer review!


  • 5/17/12 11:03 Chynna:

    Oh my gosh, must have!!


  • 5/17/12 17:46 Shayne A:

    I got the last Chaz Dean TSV with the 32oz, the styling gel, the finishing creme & the 16 oz of the seasonal. My next order in June, I think, will have this flavor in it. I’m so excited to try this one out!!! My hair is amazing since I’ve started using WEN. I can’t say enough good things about it.


    • 5/17/12 17:46 Shayne A:

      I meant the Auto-Delivery of the TSV will be coming in June.


      • 6/15/12 15:07 StellaDiva:

        It will come in July around mid-month. I have 5 of them coming!


  • 5/17/12 23:56 reeny:

    cant wait for the review!


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