Boscia Bright White Mask

If there’s anything I want out of my skincare products it would be the promise of brighter skin. My skin is so dull without makeup and I’m always looking for ways to perk it up. Boscia Bright White Mask sounds interesting enough!

Take a look!

Boscia Bright White Mask is an antiaging mask that brightens, hydrates, and smoothes the skin.

Supposedly the mask contains clinical levels of whitening ingredients that visibly reduce dark spots while brightening skin.

Pro-vitamin C suppresses skin damage caused by UV radiation while delivering intense hydration and increasing natural moisture factors in the skin. It targets fine lines and wrinkles, and boosts collagen production to reduce excess sagging.

Count me curious on this one!

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  • 6/20/12 9:49 Cj:

    Hey muse, hope your having a better morning than me, I woke up to find a big angry friend on my nose… I look like freaking Rudolf :( I hope this is just my monthly spot and not a bad reaction to my new products

    Their black one is pretty decent, I wonder if this one would work better. Btw I finally got that shills mask, and omg you were not exaggerating it hurts like hell, I thought with guys skin being thicker it wouldn’t hurt as much but I was seriously brought to tears lol. On the plus sides all my blackheads are gone!


    • 6/20/12 9:55 the Muse:

      awww sorry hunny! warm up a wet wash cloth in the microwave and place it on your nose, it’ll decrease the swelling/bring the pimple to a head :-/ yak….! haha TOLD you so!!!!!! dude, that thing took my skin off with it haha!


      • 6/20/12 9:58 Cj:

        Yeah lol I got the mask in some baby hairs on accident, I felt like I was dying lol “Hello 911 how may I help you” “HELP I GOT MY FACE MASK STUCK IN MY HAIR BRING BACKUP!!”


        • 6/20/12 10:03 the Muse:

          LOL! I actually got a little scared as it tightened and I started wanting to wash it off but that would have made an even bigger mask! after that first use I tossed it out, I was just terrified to re-try it!


  • 6/20/12 10:44 Comrade Garlic:

    I know this is completely inappropriate but I want to use the black mask on one half of my face and the white in the other half. It would be like a black and white cookie.


    • 6/20/12 10:46 the Muse:

      lmao let’s do that? 😀


  • 6/20/12 11:00 Joy:

    LOL @ Comrade Garlic. Best comment ever.


  • 6/20/12 11:07 Sarah S.:

    LOL, Comrade Garlic! Please do review, Muse! I’m going to need something to work on the pregnancy melasma, and Boscia is vegan <3


    • 6/20/12 11:10 the Muse:

      how far long are you sarah? ;-D!


  • 6/20/12 11:41 Alanna:

    ahahahaha @comrade garlic 😀 yin yang much?
    I would love to see a review on this one!


  • 6/20/12 14:57 Brooke:

    I would love to see a review! I use the black mask now – I can’t say that I see a lot of difference in using it, however I love the feel of it ripping off of my face – masochistic much? lol


  • 6/20/12 15:08 Libby:

    Love Boscia products! I like their black mask, it’s pretty nice and I honestly just enjoy ripping it off my face, lol. Brightening mask sounds a lot more useful though and I have such a love for anything that peels-off!

    Definitely looking forward to a review by you 😉 Although I am heading into Sephora soon so…hahahaha grabby hands!

    (Btw, I totally picked up the Clinique bronzer and am loving it! I’m still quite bad at applying it but I’m not overdoing it and looking clownish or randomly brown so that’s a good sign xD Also, as per your encouragement, I looked at the Chubby sticks and wound up picking up 2 even though I told myself to just find the Revlon ones. I like that the Chubby sticks are moisturizing and fool-proof when applying!)


  • 6/20/12 19:09 Melissa:

    I very much like boscia products. I have tried many and never had a reaction which is flipping amazing because air makes me react sometimes.. ok slight exaggeration but I’m sensitive. So yea I might try this one one of these days.


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