Clean & Clear Essentials Lip Care Natural Rosy Gloss Review & Swatches

Clean & Clear Essentials Lip Care Naturally Rosy Gloss is a lovely little no frills gloss released in Asia (I got mine from Singapore).

Why oh why do we never get the cool stuff? Doesn’t Clean & Clear US think we can handle a cute little lipgloss?


Thank the makeup gods for online shopping!

Take a look!

Clean & Clear Essentials Lip Care Naturally Rosy Gloss is a moisturizing gloss and lip treatment with a hint of tint.

This is actually rather cute and I’d totally purchase if we had it here in the states, damn shame we don’t. The formula is a non-sticky glossy texture with a high shine finish that not only moisturizers lips but acts as a gloss of sorts as well. It has a rather fabulous shine to it that reeks higher end rather than a mere cheaply purchased drugstore lip treatment.

The tint is a bit on the boring side as it doesn’t really give a “naturally rosy” look to lips but it does work fabulously over lip stains or lipsticks if you’re wanting a glossier finish on either of those products. This has a faint fruity perfume taste that I found pleasant but beware if you’re sensitive as I find the fragrance and taste remain through the wear without fully fading.

The joy here is obviously the fact that it not only offers a boost in moisture but acts as a lipgloss and a lip treatment all in one.

Loves this one.

Muse Approved for purchase!

I had a friend pick me it up from Singapore but I’ve seen many of the Clean & Clear Essentials Lip Care products all over E-bay for fairly reasonable prices.


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 6/14/12 18:41 Hillarie:

    Ahhhh,I hate how all the good stuff is overseas :-/

    It’s interesting that Clean & Clear has a lip gloss, though!


  • 6/15/12 16:42 SuzB:

    I also think it’s a little random that Clean & Clear would have a lip gloss, since I associate the brand with acne treatment. I like the idea of a lip gloss and treatment in one, but I’m not quite interested enough to track it down on eBay. I might give it a try if it showed up in US drugstores.


  • 6/16/12 0:13 Tiffany Martin:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT. Thank you for the review!


    • 6/18/12 10:38 the Muse:

      my pleasure :)


  • 6/20/12 11:11 Dawn:

    I’ve overlooked this so many times in Watsons, but after this review…think I’ll pick it up the next time I’m at Watsons!:D
    You should try Lip Ice’s Sheer Colour lip treatment(or something like that).Its a clear balm that changes to pink when applied and the colour leaves a stain,so I use it as a lipstain.


  • 4/24/15 5:48 Isthi:

    OH MY!!!!I hope C&C Indonesia want to sell it :(
    thank you for review^^


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