Mally Beauty Liquid Face Defender Blush

Mally Liquid Face Defender Blush is a newly launched blush from Mally’s Face Defender Collection. Mally always pulls me in with the promise of bulletproof makeup so I have a funny feeling that her new Liquid Face Defender Blush will garner a bit of my attention.

Take a peek!

Mally Beauty Liquid Face Defender Blush is a creamy blush that offers a smooth, flawless finish that diffuses the look of pores and gives skin a perfected flush of color.

The long wearing formula is available in two shades and tubes are $30 each.


  • Passionfruit
  • Buff

I’m kinda on a liquid cream blush kick at the moment since the warmer weather is setting in so I might give this a whirl but it feels like Mally’s makeup is getting pricer and pricer lately…$30? Ouch!

Available now at

Tried it?

Do share!

  • 6/18/12 20:37 Crystal:

    I got Passionfruit and it’s really GOOD!


  • 6/18/12 21:08 diane:

    OMG. this is my favorite blush EVER. i just got the shade “carnation” with the june ship of the fierce face in 5 TSV from feb (if u want pics for thee blog, i’d be happy to- just say the word my friend!) Anyway, i LOVE it! its so easy to apply, even for the blush-challenged like myself. i don’t look clownish in it, it just provides a very natural, super pretty flush of color. plus it makes the pores in my cheeks go byebye! and it stood on me all day. i love it and kind of sort of need every single color now. lol


  • 6/18/12 22:19 Mindy:

    I agree about her prices! I only buy where products during TSVs or when they are deeply discounted because her products just seem so over priced to me.
    I do have this blush that came in one of her latest TSVs and it do like it. It did take practice blending it though.


    • 6/19/12 9:53 the Muse:

      *nods* agreed….! I’d buy if it was free shipping but slap the shipping on and it starts getting way up there :(


  • 6/19/12 9:50 Amber:

    I have gotten the 2 in the auto delivery so far. Carnation and the one they called lighter, I believe. I love them. They go on fantastic and they last all day. I never have to reapply. Sheer and totally natural looking. I put a recommendation on Q’s site for these too when I got the first one in the kit. I don’t usually buy single products but when these run out I might.


  • 6/19/12 22:49 Dina:

    Love love love these. So much I feel guilty about not using my powder blushes much.


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