Musings of a Musing Working on Android Again!

Musings of a Muse is back on Android based devices. Seems Ice Sandwich users had no issues though, oddness?

Either way it’s working across the board from what I’ve seen so far. I’ve had numerous friends try it, reader’s, and I’ve tested it myself as well.

If you have ANY issues with the site loading or crashing, etc…please do let me know.

Thanks for your patience while this was being fixed!

  • 6/19/12 8:17 Amy Amethyst:

    Yay it works! Have you watched Girls yet?


    • 6/19/12 9:36 the Muse:

      I DID! I did! a little disappointed. First can’t believe Jessa got married, seriously? lol yeah that’ll last. Secondly, they rushed through what’s her name’s virginity so quickly..that was kinda disappointing, I expected more for her. And finally…I think Adam had a point. She was chasing after him for so long and suddenly pushed away when he wanted to be closer but I also think he was absolutely nuts for coming across so cold and suddenly was so loving? WTF!? lol! what a SHOW what a SHOW! ;-D thoughts?


  • 6/19/12 10:11 Amy Amethyst:

    I can’t believe Jessa got married either! She hated that guy at 1st. I wonder if that’s going to last? And the Shoshonna virginity thing did happen quickly but maybe she’s glad it’s over now? haha Adam and Hannah are nutters. It’s like they swapped how they were feeling in the beginning. He wants a commitment and now she’s all gunshy about it. Who knows what will happen there. Maybe Hannah just needs a nice normal guy but then I don’t think she would be happy with that either. haha Also what about that kiss with the beard dude and Marnie??!!


    • 6/19/12 10:16 the Muse:

      that’s her name soshonna! LOL i was having a senior moment and couldn’t remember her name! hannah needs someone to aggressively control her life for her lol! she’s just scattered, she thinks she’s mature and an adult but she’s not, she needs someone considerably more mature than she thinks she is ;-D

      haha I liked that. He could be good for marnie, marnie has a little bit of an ego so a really average guy might be just what she needs ;-D!!!!!!! I heard that Lena (hannah) was in discussions for fifty shades of grey!? LOL! oddness!


      • 6/19/12 10:41 Amy Amethyst:

        Yeah Hannah needs something! I haven’t heard that about 50 Shades of Grey. I’ve only read the 1st book. But who would she play?
        Marnie is uptight so maybe someone like that would be good for her.


        • 6/19/12 10:42 the Muse:

          anastasia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoa…! ;-D


          • 6/19/12 11:01 Amy Amethyst:

            haha that would be totally weird!

          • 6/19/12 11:10 the Muse:


  • 6/19/12 10:30 Cj:

    What is this girls show you speak of?! More importantly have you finished cathing up on Revenge?!


    • 6/19/12 10:36 the Muse:

      nope! I still have several episodes to go on Revenge ;-D but you were right, GOOD stuff ;-D Girls is this incredibly silly show on HBO, it’s a train wreck, can’t take your eyes off it, WATCH it dude watch it!

      btw when jackson dropped the camera was there anything on it?! My tivo cut off when they zoomed in on the camera and I nearly died bc I thought for sure when he tossed it away it showed SOMETHING…is he creature that attacked Scott!?


      • 6/19/12 10:49 Cj:

        Eek idk! I’ve been slacking off on teen wolf lol they’re all still on my DVR lol

        See your lucky you still have revenge eps too watch, I’m crying cause I have to wait for season 2 ;(!!


        • 6/19/12 10:57 the Muse:

          watch watch watch! no one watches it that I know! I need to discuss it with someone lol ;-D

          nanner nanner…! don’t worry Fall is here before ya know it ;-D


  • 6/19/12 12:49 Tammie:

    I am glad you got it fixed haha, I just traded in my iPhone 4 for a Samsung Note so now I have Android…and it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich either…

    …Android OSes sure sound delicious don’t they.


    • 6/19/12 12:52 the Muse:

      me too, was driving me up a bloody wall. It was a java issue with the fonts on the site. I can’t live without Total Cache but it didn’t want to play nice with the font for some reason. either way, works now. wow, really? I seriously can’t get on board with droids at all…! need my iphone/ipad! agreed ;D! they do!


      • 6/19/12 13:16 Tammie:

        I’ll just have to take your word for it, I don’t know what any of that means haha.

        I was just getting bored of the iPhone 4…I had it for 2+ years and the iPhone 5 isn’t shaping up to be that different. Also I wanted a bigger screen because a BIG part of what I do with my phone is look at reviews in the store. Not only is my new phone faster to load pages (it’s 4GLTE) but the pictures are much easier to see as my phone’s screen is huuuuge haha :). You may have seen it, my Korean drama obsessed MIL says that it’s popular in the dramas xD.

        Nothing wrong with iPhone, I may go back in a couple years if they think of something new that excites me again~.


  • 6/19/12 21:09 dollied:

    hii muse! just wanted to let you know its still not working for me.. :c I restarted and cleared my cache. luckily I have FireFox on my phone!


    • 6/20/12 10:01 the Muse:

      hmm dollied what phone do you have and what os? well all else fails try disabling javascript that will get it to load!


      • 6/20/12 11:18 dollied:

        its an HTC EVO shift and running gingerbread. but disabling javascript worked! thanks muse!


        • 6/20/12 11:25 the Muse:

          my pleasure dollied but hate that it won’t work for you unless java is disabled. try one more thing for me? clear cache, turn the phone completely off, and try again with java enabled obviously ;D


          • 6/23/12 23:49 dollied:

            Okay so I was in the middle of replying with, “it worked!” And… It crashed again. It did work for a second though! I’ll keep trying different ways. Thanks for your help Muse!

          • 6/25/12 12:27 the Muse:

            damn sorry dollied, working on this. you can temporarily disable java and it’ll load up!

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