Philosophy Cocktail Hour in Your Shower Oh & Btw…Kevin Rose is Getting Married!

This should be titled, “Kevin Rose grows up, joins Google, gets married…”


When did the Dark Tipper grow up? Does this mean I have to grow up too?

No seriously, awesome news but a little odd. I’ll always think of Kevin goofing on Dan with a 40 in hand. RIP Immature Kevin Rose. I seriously wish him the best because he’s such a bloody pioneer you can’t help but follow him and approve of all the amazing choices he’s made in his life. He’s truly a geek with a mission.

I just hope it lasts longer than Sarah’s marriage because damn girlfriend was in the running for shortest marriage in history outside of Kim-K.

Jeez after all this news…I think need a cocktail. A Philosophy Cocktail please.

Philosophy takes one part popular shower gel and one part lip shine and combines it in their exciting new Cocktail Hour in Your Shower Sets.

These cute little sets include a 16 oz size 3 in 1 Shower Gel as well as a matching lipshine in a gift box for $18 each (Steal!).

Choose from:

  • Philosophy Cocktail Hour in Your Shower Bubbly (effervescent, sweet, fruity scent)
  • Philosophy Cocktail Hour in Your Shower Margarita (refreshing, savory lime margarita scent)

It’s not a 40 but I’m sure the Dark Tipper would improve. Raise your glasses let’s celebrate Kevin’s upcoming nuptials…seriously, this is not joke, true story, he’s honestly getting married.

Get your cocktails at

  • 6/7/12 15:50 Lauren:

    I LOVE Senorita Margarita! I got it for my mom for Christmas and I use it occasionally. It smells like Sprite to me for some reason 😀


  • 6/8/12 8:57 JenJ:

    Got an email about this the other day. I’m TRYING to be good! Why do all the good deals come on when I broke! It’s a conspiracy I tell you! *arms crossed*


  • 6/10/12 20:17 msworld311:

    I just ordered both lol….I could not resist!


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