Stila Online Vintage Sale 2012

Stila Arctic Chill and Sahara Sand

Stila’s Vintage Sale is up and online at

There are def deals to be had here!

The entire range of Stila Eyeshadows are $8 each including the trio shadows and smudge pots. There are a few interesting sets on sale as well including the Arctic Chill and Sahara Sand (Pictured Above. I never even new these existed? Whaaa?).

Happy Shoppin’!

I may haul a few eyeshadows myself.

  • 6/18/12 11:23 Cj:

    Good morning Muse, how was your weekend??

    Have you picked up the passion fruit crush yet?


    • 6/18/12 11:43 the Muse:

      it was wonderful! no rain yay! I have but haven’t swatched/reviewed yet or even tried :( must get on that. you?


      • 6/18/12 11:57 Cj:

        Mine was good too :) I got a bunch of packages in the mail, I got my new laptop, my new skincare stuff, some clothes it’s like Christmas lol!

        Psh go find it!! It’s a great stain, my favorite out of all of them, it swatches really orangy red but on the lips and cheeks it calms down to a gorgeous corally color :)


        • 6/18/12 12:59 the Muse:

          lucky how’s the new lappie? i’m waiting on my some goodies today in the mail ;-D ooo coral…ok must track down. I have a rubbermaid bin with my “to be reviews” so it is in there ;-D


          • 6/18/12 13:08 Cj:

            I love it :D it’s amazing, way faster and way more battery life than my old one and it’s sooo light! I’m thinking about ordering some new memory for it and either a bigger hdd or an ssd (Sprry if that was too nerdy lol)

            Yeah its a gorgeous color, I’ve been wearing it everyday lol. That reminds me of my sample bin lol! I throw all the samples I get from sephora and other places in there :P I probably got over 100 different things

          • 6/18/12 16:34 the Muse:

            <—huge nerd ;-D not too nerdy at all ;-D they sell cheap ones on newegg btw…glad to hear it’s so light. i can remember lugging around a laptop as an uncomfortable experience I love all these lighter notebooks they are releasing….! Oh god I have one too lol! I started including them in packages I send out with giveaways, it was just getting a little too crazy, I never use them!

          • 6/18/12 16:45 Cj:

            YAY WE KAN BE NERDZ 2GETHA! Lol :P

            Newegg is the bomb lol I get all my comp stuff from them :) I’m gonna get a 8gb set of ram for $50 instead of paying hp $200 for it lol.

            I use up all the samples I don’t want as stocking stuffers for my friends come Christmas :P

          • 6/18/12 16:47 the Muse:

            lol you’re nuts. ;-D I get a ton of stuff from them too but be careful sometimes amazon is actually cheaper! pcconnections sometimes has a deal or two as well, rarely, but it’s been known to happen!

            ha good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t wanna toss them as I’d feel wasteful but anytime sephora puts them in the bag I tend to leave them in store nowadays, it’s just overkill :-/

  • 6/18/12 12:55 Comrade Garlic:

    These popped up at Costco about a year ago. Not the greatest, pigment was okay and they went muddy when blended.


    • 6/18/12 12:56 the Muse:

      thanks you saved me $$!


  • 6/18/12 13:22 breyerchic04:

    They don’t have the main stila color I’ve been wanting (diamond lil), so I think I’m going to pass and not order the other things I only sort of want ;)


  • 6/19/12 1:19 cat:

    A bit confused. Why are the eyeshadows so dramatically discounted now? Are they going to change the formula? Kind of irritated that I already picked up Kitten and Cha Cha at a smaller discount a few weeks ago. Tempted to pick up some more shadows but I’ve been trying not to do any more online shopping this month.


    • 6/19/12 9:38 the Muse:

      they are prob re-releasing with new packaging cat.


      • 6/19/12 19:41 cat:

        Oh… Right then. If anyone needs me, I’ll be at Sephora swatching the shadows I’m going to buy. :)


  • 6/19/12 18:38 Actionmags:

    I love that I have access to Stila again in Ireland but I am so jealous that you have sales and friends and family events.. I have never seen the above sets. The passion fruit crush lip stain is so pretty ;)


    • 6/20/12 10:07 the Muse:

      hey you! tweet me if you every need anything I’d be happy to shop the sale for you. if you have paypal you can fund it that way :D!


  • 6/28/12 1:38 Emily:

    Much obliged for the heads up


    • 6/28/12 7:32 the Muse:

      my pleasure :)


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