Avon Tint n’ Go for Cheeks and Lips A Cheap Thrill!

Avon Tint n Go for Cheeks and Lips 2

Looking for a quick way to grab some color on the run? Something you can slick on cheeks and blend out in a hurry?

Cheap thrills await you with the new Avon Tint n’ Go for Cheeks and Lips.

Avon Tint n Go for Cheeks and Lips 3

Avon Tint n’ Go for Cheeks and Lips (model is wearing the shade Berry on lips and cheeks) are a $3.99 blush stick that can be used on both cheeks and lips. The formula supposedly has a smooth, easy glide and blends easily adding a pop of sheer, natural looking color to either your cheeks, lips, or both!


  • Nude
  • Sunny
  • Berry
  • Spicy

Avon Tint n Go for Cheeks and Lips 1

The brilliant part?

The mere $3.99 price tag!

If you’ve been craving the blush stick that Bobbi included with her Instant Pretty Set, this makes a great, cheap dupe!

Available now at Avon.

  • 7/5/12 14:37 Icequeen81:

    woooow nice muse, do you know which color is she wearing in the promo?


    • 7/5/12 14:48 the Muse:

      listed in the post ice queen.


      • 7/5/12 15:06 Icequeen81:

        sowwwwie didn’t see it auwwch :)


        • 7/5/12 15:10 the Muse:

          np! :)


  • 7/5/12 19:16 Michelle D:

    These look exactly like the mark Just Pinched Instant Blush Sticks. Same colors and packaging. So these would be a great option for anyone who liked the mark ones. I might pick up a couple.


  • 7/6/12 2:43 Angel:

    That model is sporting quite the ‘stache LOL! Not the best close-up on Avon’s part, pretty color though.


    • 7/9/12 0:08 Steph:

      Nice to see she isn’t overly photoshopped, though! Anyone who doesn’t attent to upper lip hair will look something like that close up.


  • 7/6/12 4:36 Telly9009:

    These look great but I think they just changed the Mark Just Pinched Blush Tints into these. Same exact colors too. Interesting!


  • 8/19/12 16:38 Sandra:

    Not liking these at all. They’re far too greasy for the cheeks to have any lasting power. They’re the texture of a very slick lip balm. As soon as they come into contact with the skin, they melt & settle into pores. Horrible. For lips, they’re usable, but a big fat pain in the arse to apply directly from the stick because they’re so wide. Once applied, they disappear very quickly, and they don’t really act like a stain at all. Oh, they’re also no longer $3.99 regular price. Really disappointing as their liquid foundations are great, and their Mark eyeshadows are actually really really good. Very pigmented, long-wearing, non creasing & easy to apply & blend. Love them. It’s better if you sell them though, so you can get a discount. $7 each for their eyeshadows is pushing it.

    Give these blush sticks a miss. They’re nothing like NYX or NYC blush sticks, which both work really well. NYX has the best texture, incidentally, but the NYC ones are also really nice & a fair bit cheaper.


  • 9/13/12 12:27 Alessandra:

    DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT! Such a waste of my money!!! The color I bought was Berry when it came in it did not even look like the color that the model is wearing above. It looked like a dark dark berry. The smell of the tint n’ go is disgusting it smells horrible!! It smells like disgusting wax!


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