Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition Shades

Maybelline Great Lash is available now in four limited edition shades. I’ve never understood the appeal of Maybelline Great Lash to be honest and the shades just give me a retro 80’s vibe. It’s been a while since anyone sported blue mascara eh?

Take a look!

Maybelline Great Lash will be available in teal, blue, purple, and green for a limited time. I saw these displays at the Evil Empire Walmart, Harmons, and CVS recently.

I didn’t indulge because as I mentioned above I’m not such a great lover of Great Lash but fans should be pleased to see several colors available.

What do you think?

Lover of Great Lash Mascara?

Love the idea a colored version?

Do share!

  • 7/31/12 11:23 MiMi:

    Chicago: The City Target has these on display!


  • 7/31/12 11:45 Stacie:

    I don’t love Great Lash really. But these look like they would be so much fun on the bottom lashes! I might have to pick one up in green or teal!


  • 7/31/12 11:59 Eli Caroline:

    I love, love, love, colored mascara. Purple really makes my eyes pop. However, I am reluctant to try these, because I’m no fan of Great Lash.


  • 7/31/12 13:04 C:

    Great Lash is so awful, why would they offer coloured versions?


  • 7/31/12 13:12 Rachel:

    Absolutely LOVE great lash, especially the new BIG brush. I’ve tried so many expensive mascara’s & nothing makes my lashes full like great lash. These would be fun to try out!


  • 7/31/12 14:01 Kim:

    I hate this mascara and won’t be trying it. I wish another Maybelline mascara or drugstore brand would come in colors. I have the blue MAC mascara (from the Beth Ditto collection) but I haven’t worn it yet. I’d love to try teal or purple mascara from Revlon or L’Oreal.


    • 7/31/12 18:45 cat:

      I’m right there with you, Kim. I’m intrigued by the idea of mascara in colors other than black and brown but I would rather get them from a company whose regular mascara is already great like L’Oreal.


    • 8/2/12 16:41 Cayt:

      Hard Candy has colored ones, if you don’t mind wandering into a wal-mart! I’ve only ever tried their purple fiber one, so I don’t know how well the others show up, but I can get a purple tint to my black eyelashes with it. =D


      • 8/3/12 22:45 Eli Caroline:

        RE: Cayt – I’ve tried that HC mascara not a fan. The colors just are not as vibrant as I’d like


  • 7/31/12 14:08 Cindy:

    I’m really not a big fan of this mascara personally, but I do love me some fun colored mascara! I might have to pick this up! Thanks!


  • 7/31/12 14:25 Kiss & Make-up:

    Love the idea of colored mascara, but wouldn’t wear it myself. Bright green lashes might provoke some strange looks from people… :-) It’s great for photoshoots though, so I guess it all depends on the occasion.


  • 7/31/12 15:35 Carly:

    The color doesn’t last very long on my very dark lashes. It’s most vibrant when freshly applied but slowly fades to what looks like a standard black mascara. I’m not the biggest fan of the formula or the brush either. It’s too goopy which congests the very short bristles and that over saturates my lashes… it honestly ends up looking like purple cake batter, haha.


  • 7/31/12 18:50 Kate:

    I’d be more interested if this were offered in a product that didn’t suck. Oh well, I will probably stare at the display (even though I just said I am not interested) because I am weird that way!


  • 7/31/12 21:58 Rui:

    What I do with drugstore colored mascaras that don’t have the best color payoff is that I layer them under my department store colored mascaras. They add a slight color base that makes the more pigmented mascara pop!


  • 7/31/12 23:50 Katie:

    I am so bummed! Great Lash is my Mascara of choice and has been since I was 14 (I haven’t tried anything else…) and I was so excited to see an ad for the new shades but I am in Alaska and can’t find them anywhere :(


  • 8/1/12 0:05 Quinctia:

    Speak for yourself on the blue liner, I have a couple of UD colored mascaras and one is blue, haha.

    I picked up the purple Great Lash because I’d been wanting a purple mascara and I find Great Lash to be “a’ight.” It’s…purple? And a mascara? It’s decent, and exactly what I expected.

    Now, if they made a purple XXL Extensions or Volum Express, I’d be going, “It’s purple mascara, YAY.” :)


  • 8/1/12 12:02 Anno:

    These look awesome! Does anybody by any chance know how long they’ll be in?


  • 8/1/12 18:28 Gabby:

    I like the concept but sadly Great Lash never really did much for me…now if L’Oreal Voluminous was releasing a LE Purple version…I would be ALLL over that! But, I am DEFINITELY super excited about Maybelline’s 4 new LE Color Tattoos that are being released :) I went and looked for them while running errands today – sadly, they’re not available in the DC/NoVA area yet (Walmart, Target, & CVS didn’t have the displays). I’m so jealous of all the lucky Seattle people who already have them…


  • 8/1/12 19:29 Jen:

    The only great lash formula I’ve ever used successfully is the waterproof one in blackest black– It’s the only waterproof mascara that actually STAYS waterproof. But because of the fun colors and the $4 price tag, I got the colored ones in green and purple to tip my lashes over my normal black L’oreal 24H mascara for a more dimensional look. Just something to consider.


  • 8/2/12 1:38 Ruthless:

    I use coloured mascara often, usually over black-blue mascara makes your eyes look very white. Wonder what the pigmentation is like? I hate great lash but I layer them on top of regular mascara. I just bought green and purple on sale via Tokidoki so I am not desperate for these


  • 9/28/12 14:13 Danielle:

    Am I the only one wishing for pink mascara? >_< I only FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen (I LOVE IT!) but I want pink for my brows to match my hair ~


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