B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Bellissimo Press Eyeshadow Selection Box Spotlight & Swatches

Since I’ve been reviewing some of Lush’s new launched Emotional Brilliance Collection you probably hear me throw around B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful references here and there.

You’ll understand why I miss Lush’s old makeup brand so much after this post.

Take a look!

Gorgeous isn’t it?

B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful was Lush’s very fancy makeup brand that launches several years ago. Sadly, they closed boutiques (stores were in the UK only) last year.

Thankfully they moved some of the original fragrances they offered into the new Gorilla Perfume range however, I still keep hope alive that at some point they’ll bring back one of my favorite fragrances from B Never, Keep it Fluffy.

Just like this shadow box, all of the collection was bedazzled pieces in very fancy, vintage style packaging. Single shades came in small pots similiar to this eyeshadow palette’s and they even had their own brush set with jeweled handles.

B shadows are quite velvety with an excellent color pay off. Sadly, this is a long expired palette (2008) but the colors are still quite vibrant however, I won’t chance using them on my eyes at this point. But…I couldn’t give up the palette so it remains happily in my beauty vault!

You can see why Emotional Brilliance is a little more modern compared to B Never yes?

I do miss B Never so very much!

  • 8/28/12 12:38 Cindy:

    Oh this packaging is absolutely lovely! It reminds me of the Fabergé eggs. If, of course, one of those was a makeup palette.


  • 8/28/12 12:46 CucumPear:

    I have a couple of those quints and found the shadows to be a bit hit and miss. One of the shades I chose for the first was also included in the preconfigured LE I got later and looked completely different. The shimmery shadows were buttery and pigmented, the satin/mattes way too firmly pressed, hard to blend and it was almost impossible to pick up any pigment.
    The only other thing I tried was a black liquid liner: deep, dark black, but horrible drying time and smudged badly.

    Considering how expensive BNTBTBB was I thought that these inconsistencies were unacceptable and stopped buying. Made me sad, ’cause I love LUSH. Next time I’m at the store I have to check out the Emotional Brilliance stuff.


  • 8/28/12 13:14 Lulubelle:

    Wow, that’s really pretty!


  • 8/28/12 13:14 Kiss & Make-up:

    I didn’t even know Lush had a make-up line before Emotional Brilliance :-O I think the Emotional Brilliance products look a lot more appealing than this little box does, though. It looks a bit like a little girl’s Barbie make-up kit… Emotional Brilliance looks more serious and sleeker, I like that better.


  • 8/28/12 13:17 Anna:

    How long does it take for eyeshadow to expire?


    • 8/28/12 13:28 the Muse:

      powders typically three years but really a year at best imho as you are dipping into it daily unless you’re SUPER careful. Just be aware during use.


  • 8/29/12 2:52 Melissa:

    Emotional brilliance was my first ever return to Lush ever. I have been a lushie since 03 or 2004 that’s got to be thousands spent and never one return. They eyeliner disappeared after like 2 minutes and the lip color just wasn’t lovely on me. I so wanted to love this line but so far not so much.


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