NYX The Curve Review & Swatches

NYX The Curve Liquid Eyeliner ($15) is possibly one of the best tools I’ve seen for applying a tricky medium like liquid eyeliner.

Although I’ve recently fallen in love with the new three prong liquid eyeliner designs introduced for Fall 2012 from a variety of brands like Too Faced and Clarins, I must say The Curve actually takes foolproof liquid lining to new levels.

Take a look!

It’s been mentioned dozens of times but I really have not conquered and mastered liquid eyeliner. Housing the medium in a tricky little package like the Curve makes it even more intimating to me.

Shaped like a gun, this ergonomic shaped liquid eyeliner actually ensures you have a steady hand each time you apply your liner. To keep it steady you’ll hold it between your thumb and index finger. Your index finger follows the curve of the design and fits snugly atop it so that the liner brush remains steady. This basically results in mistake proof eye lining.

I typically start from my inner eye and work out but this is best suited to starting at the outer lash line and working towards your inner eye. I can basically get a super thin, straight (or a thick) line in a single stroke without any issues.

After application I actually had to second guess if it was me that really created that flawless line. Liquids aren’t exactly easy to work with but this creates a straight, even application each and every single time I tried. Granted, I’m still not getting the “flick” down yet but at least I don’t have a shaky mess all along my lash line.

Overall, this is really handy tool. Experienced users will appreciate the innovative design and clumsy ones, like me, will appreciate the simplicity and foolproof application.

For NYX I think $15 might seem a touch high, hey we expect budget beauty from our friends at NYX right? But I must say it’s worth every single penny.

Quite a handy tool.

This I must Muse Approved.

Do pick it up.

I think it’ll change your feelings about liquid eyeliner.


Check it out at www.nyxcosmetics.com


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  • 8/9/12 19:43 Pilar:

    I’m tempted! I, too, have had trouble with liquid eyeliners in the past. -___- I swear I don’t know how people do it! How do they manage to make each flick look exactly the same as the other one? :(

    I find gel/cream eyeliner a lot easier to work with, hence the reason why it’s my favorite. :)


    • 8/10/12 9:23 the Muse:

      lol tell me about it. that flick eludes me ;-D


    • 8/11/12 13:19 Somayea:

      I want. but $15. I am broke as it is due to college. wah. this should be a going away present..>__>

      Just wondering how long does it last? It’s not waterproof but does it at least withstand the day? :)


  • 8/9/12 19:49 isabella:

    Did you notice Mally has the exact same item?


  • 8/9/12 20:12 Diane:

    Its on the QVC site and saw it in air the other night. It looks awesome!


    • 8/9/12 20:20 the Muse:

      got a link? still not seeing it?


  • 8/9/12 20:41 Tiffany Martin:

    I am psyched that you liked it! I was waiting for this review, I have to try it now. $15 for nyx seems high but maybe their quality is changing to the next level up.


    • 8/10/12 9:22 the Muse:

      I think it’s worth the $15 price tag, it’s a little higher than we are used to from NYX but the quality is here ;-D!


    • 8/9/12 21:34 the Muse:

      gasp! but NYX is cheaper hehe!


      • 8/10/12 8:54 Makedonka:

        So it will spread like wildfire on dry bushes … :)
        How is the life span of the NYX one, Muse?


        • 8/10/12 9:06 the Muse:

          lol exactly ;-D so far so good. Used it about five times, felt tip is still quite saturated with color and isn’t frayed/bent. as for wear, wears strong, no smudging issues, sets in a snap, and doesn’t flake off thankfully.


  • 8/9/12 22:35 Diane:

    True- but if this wears anything like her shadow sticks then wow! I get 18 hour wear from those


  • 8/9/12 22:43 Robin:

    I never used liquid eye liner before, but I love the look of it. Which do you think is better for a newbie: this or Too Faced 3 way pen? (wow, that sounds kinda bad) LOL


    • 8/10/12 9:21 the Muse:

      depends robin as both are really good for n00b liquid liners. I think this is good if you have a shaky hand and the too faced is easier to create a full lash line look, it multitasks for a number of stuff versus this which just lines.


  • 8/9/12 23:30 Teefy:

    Love the sheer volume of reviews you’re able to put out! If I may ask, is this liner a true felt tip, or is it a brush tip?


    • 8/10/12 9:19 the Muse:

      aw thanks teefy! it’s a felt tip.


  • 8/9/12 23:42 Kelly:

    Wow, I’m sooo out of the loop, I just glanced at that and assumed it was some sort of stencil to trace your eyeliner onto your lid. Derrrr.


  • 8/9/12 23:46 Miss_Silk:

    I was really waiting for your review on this~! Now I am off to buy this ^^ Thank you~!


    • 8/10/12 9:18 the Muse:

      my pleasure miss silk, please update me, would love to hear if it worked or not for you!


  • 8/9/12 23:56 Monica:

    This is kind of crazy-looking, but I would love to try it especially since I tend to start from the outer corner of my eye


  • 8/10/12 1:22 Ciambella:

    NYX has slowly been creeping up there in the prices I noticed! It’s up to them, but I’m pretty sad because they’ve been my old-reliable affordable drugstore brand ever since I first got into makeup. I hope they aren’t trying to be like MAC or something.


  • 8/10/12 2:31 Amber Norell:

    I tried this the other day and I loved it! I wish one of the companies that offer PRO discounts would come out with one…I would definitely need to stock up on them!


  • 8/10/12 7:15 isabella:

    Looks the same to me, they said “she worked so hard on it” Love the Mally stuff I have however seems to me she got this from the same place.


    • 8/10/12 9:12 the Muse:

      interesting wonder who created it first! I love her too ;-D


  • 8/10/12 7:40 Kiss & Make-up:

    Does the curve really make that much difference? I used to be afraid of liquid eyeliner (srsly, it gave me nightmares) so I stuck to gel eyeliner (which I still love) for a long time. Then I gave felt tip liquid eyeliners a try, and that’s when I realized that the problem wasn’t that I hated liquid eyeliner. I just didn’t like liquid eyeliners with a brush.


    • 8/10/12 9:11 the Muse:

      for me it seems to steady my hand so I can get a straighter, smoother line :)


  • 8/10/12 8:36 Kim:

    Yea, I saw the Mally one and when she demonstrated it it seemed so easy. She just ran it across the lid. I doubt my ability with any liquid liner tho.


  • 8/10/12 10:30 Kaitlin:

    I saw this at Ulta but had to pass. $15 is just too much for me! My concern is that it will dry up too quickly. :-(


  • 8/10/12 20:48 Jenny:

    A friend of mine bought this and she let me try it, but it wasn´t easier to line my eyes with it. Plus I don´t know why it says smudgeproof on the (huge) box it comes: I tried it also in my hand to see how black it was, let it dry for a few minutes, and then suddenly 10 minutes later it was all gone! And I did not wash my hands or rub them or touch that zone where the liner was. Totally dissapointed (I´m glad it was my friend who bought it and not me lol)


  • 8/11/12 9:28 Mary the Muse Militant:

    I can never get slicks the same on both sides so I’m going to try tape on the corners and get them perfect before using that as a guide.


  • 8/11/12 12:33 Lily:

    15 dollars? That’s crazy for an eyeliner, just practice and it will be perfect.


  • 8/12/12 9:09 steelnpurple:

    I might need to try this out! I am scared shitless of liquid liners because I’m not very steady.


  • 8/13/12 20:22 jen:

    is this waterproof? i’ve been using mac’s liquid liner for a while and love that it doesn’t budge but this sounds interesting and worth a shot if it fares well on oily lids!


  • 8/19/12 12:34 Candice:

    Seems like just the product I need!


  • 9/29/12 23:16 Carine Yezn:

    wow Muse thanks 😀
    All my male friends in facebook asked me what’s this tool about? hehehe. They couldn’t believe it’s actually an eyeliner. Doesn’t that remind you with something bond girl may use? it also reminds me of guerlain rouge g & the weird looking design though it’s so cool & a must have. I’m so writing this eyeliner in my wish list 😀


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