Bath & Body Works Eerie Apple Hand Soap

O EM GEE! I wants the new Bath & Body Eerie Apple Hand Soap ($14.50). Anyone remember last year’s light up skeleton one? I kinda flipped out over that one too!

More photos after the jump!

Bath & Body Works says the new Eerie Apple fragrance is made up of spiced caramel, pear, and crisp apple. Last year, it was a sour apple-ish type of scent. I suspect this will probably smell the same as last year’s version but don’t quote me.

When you press down on the pump it not only lights up but the cat screeches.

I want!

Available now at Bath and Body Works locations or online at

  • 9/6/12 9:38 Kiss & Make-up:

    That is SO pretty! I want it too! I don’t know the previous one, but it sounds like it will smell nice.


  • 9/6/12 10:01 Jenny:

    EEE! KITTY! I can only imagine how it would freak my boys (2 cats, 2 dogs) out with the sound. But I love kitty motifs that don’t make me look like a crazy cat lady – this just looks seasonally festive!


  • 9/6/12 10:31 Icequeen81:

    I want this and I wont find it here I really need a bottle of this for the whooooole year girl u killing me 😀 so much stuff and not here


  • 9/6/12 13:46 Tigress:

    That is awesome! My cats would freak out though. haha


  • 9/7/12 19:24 angie:

    AHHH! I just saw this today and have now decided i need it. :) I just hauled the apple, pumpkin and vsnilla fsll scents in the mini mists. So excited for fsll!


  • 9/8/12 8:22 cat:

    I don’t need hand soap but this is undeniably adorable.


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