Pond’s Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser Review

As you know Pond’s recently launched a new Luminous Clean Collection that supposedly brightens skin and eases dullness. I say hells yes….I struggle with dull, tired skin so I definitely navigate towards anything that promises me brighter looking skin.

I’ve been using Pond’s Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser for close two weeks now and here are a few thoughts.

Pond’s Luminous Clean Cream Cleanser is creamy facial cleanser enriched with moisturizing ingredients and soft white kaolin clay known to gently draw out dirty, makeup, and impurities while visibly improving dull skin and giving it a brighter appearance.

If you’re familiar with the thick, creaminess of a Japanese collagen wash this cleanser has a similiar texture. It’s an extra thick, rich white cream which works itself into a foaming lather which rinses away dirt, makeup and oil. I prefer using this in the AM with my Clarisonic as it works itself into a thick lather and foams up beautifully while washing completely away and leaving my skin nice and soft.

I’m quite pleased that it didn’t strip my skin or left it feeling tight after use. It washes clean away without leaving behind a film or any tackiness. It also does a fine job of removing makeup such as BB Cream, blush, foundation products, etc…easily.

Mmm I’m not sure I noticed visible improvement in my skin as far as brightening or dullness but I may need to use it over an extended period of time before seeing such results.

Overall, it’s a rather nice cleanser. It does have a rather strong fragrance so be aware if you are purchasing as it might prove a little too much for those sensitive to fragrance in their skincare. At around $5 a bottle it’s an excellent budget pick as an AM or PM cleanser that gets squeaky clean. I have hopes with longer use my skin will begin to look a bit brighter!


Good basic budget cleanser with a nice fragrance and a formula that isn’t too harsh!

Available now at drugstores.

Tried it?

Do share!


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  • 9/11/12 19:27 Icequeen81:

    Then maybe something to try out. Hate when products promice something and u dont see nothing about it back.


  • 9/11/12 19:32 Tiffany Martin:

    But what does it smell like?


    • 9/12/12 9:55 the Muse:

      it smells like the towelettes I reviewed, kinda fresh floral shampoo-ish scent!


      • 9/12/12 21:15 Tiffany Martin:

        Thanks for the info (:


  • 9/11/12 20:01 Karen:

    I love Ponds. I use the cold cream, but the Mexican/Latin formula,it’s great!! I might give this a cleanser a try. =)


  • 9/11/12 23:04 Littlecreek:

    I’m excited! I love that texture of cleanser and I’m only a couple weeks away from needing replacements (I’ve been a good girl and used literally used up every cleanser I own. I’m down to my last two bottles one AM one PM). I’ve grown tired of medium to high end cleansers as they haven’t proven any better than drugstore but are WAY more expensive. Here’s to going back to budget skincare!


  • 9/12/12 17:28 Limpet:

    This looks awesome and a from the pics a bit like a dupe of Clinique’s Rinse off Foaming cleanser. Do you know when this might be available in the UK? :)


  • 9/23/12 12:34 Erickadooks:

    Started using this and so far it’s very gentle with my face, I have dry/patchy sensitive face. I can compare it with the netrugena’s make up face wash remover. Very gentle, and it shrank my pores from the harsh scrubs I’ve been using thanks Aaveeno -__- /sarcasm. I don’t use neutrugena’s anymore because my face sadly got used to it and it didnt so anything to me lol, and the smell of the Ponds isnt too strong for me I enjoy the smell lol


  • 3/4/13 23:10 maddy:

    I just want to make sure. Can I use this everyday as a daily face wash in the morning? Please let me know. and thanks


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