Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes Review

Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes are one of three newly launched products from the brand that feature kaolin clay.

Kaolin clay is known to gently draw out dirt, makeup, and impurities while improving dull skin and giving it a brighter more luminous appearance.

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Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes ($4.99, 30 Pack) are a fresh scented cleansing towelette made of a durable quilted cotton fiber.

I do love the scent but it is rather strong. If you’re sensitive to fragrance in your skin care do beware with these as these are quite strongly scented. The scent is fresh and pleasant, almost like a shampoo fragrance.

The thing I liked about them is the strong quilted cotton they are made of. You have no worries these will rip or tear as you remove makeup as they are made from a sturdy, thick fiber. They do a fairly good job at quick clean up of basic makeup like blush, foundation products, and lighter eye makeup.

They will not remove waterproof mascara or dramatic eye makeup. Of course, if you use them for this type of removal they will do ok to swipe away most of your harder to remove eye makeup so you can get to bed early. However, it will leave traces behind of product so you might need to rely on an oil based eye makeup remover to really tackle product removal like this.

Sadly, I didn’t really notice my skin looking any brighter or luminous after use. I’ve been using them for two weeks now perhaps I need to use them more longer term to experience the effects.

Overall, Pond’s Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes are a refreshing pick in the cleansing wipe arena thanks to the thicker quilted texture of the fiber used. They are extra strong and quite large for quickie clean ups so you can get to bed fast or if you’re just too lazy to go through the typical cleansing regime (I know mine takes ages at night). These are a nice little budget pick for makeup removal particularly for those who wear lighter makeup.

Available now at drugstores.

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  • 9/7/12 9:35 jenn s.:

    Bought these yesterday @ W-Mart because of the kaolin clay aspect and, despite the smell, I was very impressed! I completely adore the texture of the cloths, missing in so many other cleansing cloths. It really seems to make a difference in how much makeup is removed (I wear a med-full coverage foundation, HD powder, blush, and full eye makeup) Like you said, Muse, the only thing it does not work well for is my eye makeup. I was left with raccoon eyes from my UD zero liner and Tarte mascara (not waterproof) No biggie for me, as I usually use a separate eye makeup remover anyway. I swept my face after using a Ponds cloth just to see how much makeup was left behind, and I as pleasantly surprised to find the tiniest trace on the pad! The ONLY semi-negative for me is the heavy fragrance. I totally agree with you, Muse, that it is clean and shampoo-like. However, it is a bit much for my sometimes sensitive nose (esp. when I have a migraine- ugh!) Fortunately, the smell disipates very quickly. I do not detect any residue left on my skin from these cloths. Obviously, having used this product only once, I cannot say whether or not my skin was more luminous or brighter. These are a win in my book, based on how well they clean and remove my makeup. I will most definitely purchase them again! Have a lovely weekend, Muse! :)


    • 9/7/12 9:37 jenn s.:

      *swept my face with toner on a cotton pad (sorry!)


    • 9/7/12 10:28 the Muse:

      Hey jenn! So happy you are enjoying these. I agree, def a heavy fragrance, not bad really but I think sensitive types won’t love it!!!!!!!!! I thought they were a very good bargain….if you blog they are great for cleaning up swatches too! ;0D you as well my dear! get some R&R in! and don’t forget to enter today’s giveaways!


  • 9/7/12 11:34 LINDARRAGNAR:

    These sound great! its too bad about them not really brightening, but to be honest I think brightening creams/products are very expensive!


  • 9/8/12 3:27 Melissa:

    Why does it take forever for drugstores in phx to get new products? I couldn’t find these at any of the usual shops so I bought a pack of the original with a coupon while I wait for the new ones to magically appear


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