Revlon Magnetic Style Nail Polish Collection

Looks like Revlon is getting in on the magnet nail trend with a new Star Attraction Magnetic Style Nail Polish Collection!

Take a look!

The display I saw had five different shades including a smoky blackish gray, blue, green, golden brown and burgundy wine.

The magnet is located on the top of each bottle ($3.99 each).

Anyone into this magnet craze?

  • 9/26/12 20:58 Anne:

    i really like the pattern (kinda looks like tie die)
    and for 3.99 that’s pretty good


  • 9/26/12 20:58 Tiffany Martin:

    Personally I’m not into magnets >: But thanks for asking us, I’m sure I’m not the majority here.


    • 9/27/12 10:18 the Muse:

      me either, well all nail polish wings its way over my head if I’m honest ;D


  • 9/26/12 21:26 Cali:

    Fancy. I have to say, I like the magnetic pattern moreso than the the wavy one from Sally Hansen.


  • 9/26/12 23:10 Kate:

    I bought one color from the Sally Hansen line, but *hangs head* I haven’t used it yet.


  • 9/27/12 7:33 Catherine:

    Hi Muse,
    I read your blog daily, and I’m patiently awaiting some BBW, Lush, Philosophy Holiday posts :) I know you post things as soon as possible, so you’re the number one blog I am faithful to! I comment here and there, and you ALWAYS reply :)
    I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for everything you do. I know you’re exceptionally busy with collections around this time of year, and you never disappoint.
    My wallet cries a little every time I read your blog, but I’m sure she’ll forgive you someday 😉
    Anyway… Love you and your posts!!! Thanks!


    • 9/27/12 9:46 the Muse:

      hey catherine aw thank you thank you thank you! <3! very flattering! I really appreciate you visiting daily and keeping up with my beauty madness! I actually already did some of Philosophy Holiday ;-D but I am EAGERLY awaiting BBW and Lush news ;-D I can’t wait to hear about their launches and of course share it with ALL of you ;-D <3! super big hugs! thank you for the lovely comment, it made my day!


    • 9/27/12 10:38 Catherine:

      You’re Welcome! I did see your philosophy post, but unfortunately I have to wait for the Sephora launches as I live in Canada. They usually launch it all except for the QVC and Nordstrom exclusives *sigh*


      • 9/27/12 10:40 the Muse:

        le sigh…..sorry Catherine I always wish I had more info about when Canada release dates are but they only ever give me US ones :-/ blah!!!!!!!! I’ll keep you posted best I can darling 😀


  • 9/27/12 9:19 Kiss & Make-up:

    I’m definitely into the magnet craze! I’m actually wearing magnetic nail polish right now :-) It takes a bit of practice (holding the magnet still, getting close enough to your nail but not accidentally touching it,…) but I like the effect it creates a lot.


    • 9/27/12 9:42 the Muse:

      do you have to do it when wet kiss& makeup? I was never sure how it worked ;D


  • 9/27/12 11:22 Cindy:

    When Nails Inc first came out with the Magnetic nail polish I was like “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” now I’m pretty much over it. Just like with the whole crackle nail polish!


  • 9/27/12 16:54 Tammie:

    This looks kind of awkward to apply with the magnet on the cap, unless it’s removable. Also don’t like how it doesn’t have that little piece that you balance on your cuticle.

    Ps. Yes you do it while wet, one finger at a time muse :)


  • 2/11/13 16:45 Faye:

    I just bought the green and the color is that of the emerald isle. I like the star burst the magnet created, plus I got a lot of compliments and questions. I am buying the bLue, grey gun metal and the golden brown (if not in stores, then at or


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