Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Wicked Nails Self-Adhesive Nail Art for Halloween 2012

Wet n Wild has new Wicked Nails Self-Adhesive Nail Art for Halloween.

You get 16 strips for $3.99 and can choose from six different designs. I thought it was rather cool that Wet n Wild was getting on the Adhesive Nail scene for such a budget friendly price.

More photos after the jump!

The above photos also include the Glitter Fantasy Makers Palettes for this year (same o’, same o’) and also a new display featuring glitter eyeliners, glitter gel, and loose glitter.

Feels like Wet n Wild went even bigger this year for Halloween right? As I am seeing dozens of different displays for the holiday!


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  • 9/27/12 11:18 Cindy:

    I’m digging these 3.99 nail strips! I love them, but I feel so guilty spending 10 bucks when they’re gonna come off in like 5 days. That Glitter Palettes model however, I’m not digging.


  • 9/27/12 13:18 Kate:

    Are those nail products stickers or REAL nail polish (such as Sally Hansen’s real polish strips) I am scanning the picture, And I don’t see the words “real polish” on the packaging anywhere. And I kind of feel that if these were real polish, they would brag about it somewhere on the packaging.

    Can anyone confirm that these are real polish, or just stickers?


    • 9/27/12 13:36 the Muse:

      I’m not sure kate…I’m sorry…they say nail stickers..I assume polish? but I’m such a n00b when it comes to naul anything!


    • 9/28/12 1:29 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

      I was wondering the same thing! I’ve tried the Sally Hansen real polish ones and they’re great… and I’ve tried the Kiss nail stickers and they were terrible.


    • 10/1/12 22:31 Rebecca:

      I can confirm that they are NOT real nail polish strips (such as Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects). I absolutely LOVE Sally Hansen Salon Effects, and load up on them whenever I have coupons and they’re on sale with BOGO deals, but when I saw these I had to give them a try despite my stockpile at home of what is tried and true. I bought two different designs of these at about $3.99 each. I used the mirror-finish teal zebra print ones and they were absolutely horrible. They’re literally just stickers that they rounded the bottoms out of, to make them easier to fit over a fingernail. I applied them very carefully and yet still ended up with annoying bends and ridges because they’re just stickers. I’ve never had the same problem with SH Salon Effects, not even close. Today is day two of wearing them and I can’t wait to get them off of my nails! They’re already starting to peel off on their own and when I run my fingers through my hair to put it up into a clip or fold laundry, they get stuck there. Ugh! Not worth the frustration at ALL. I’ll be returning the other design I bought!


  • 10/21/12 19:06 jennah:

    waste of money when it comes to the sticker nails they suck big time


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