25% Off Coupon Code at Pixi Until November 20th

Enjoy 25% off at www.pixibeauty.com using promo code piximuse until November 20th!

This is a great time to haul the PixiGlow Collection for a little Holiday giftin’!


  • 10/19/12 15:57 Icequeen81:

    looks cute


  • 10/19/12 16:01 Littlecreek:

    I couldn’t help but notice “muse” in the promo code. Will using it help support the site, where they just cool and give you a code for your readers or is it a happy coincidence?


    • 10/22/12 11:11 the Muse:

      doesn’t support the site brooke, no commission, but they happily gifted me with the code to share with you guys 😀


  • 10/19/12 18:52 mj:

    Dang it, I already bought the Tink pallet…and the shadows crayon and the eyeliner. Maybe i`ll get the lip crayon and Pixie dust…the pallet is dead cute, but the blush is really REALLY shimmery…I have to use a different blush and use the one in the pallet for a highlight. I love all things Tinkerbell, so it was an obsessive/compulsive purchase for me…


  • 10/20/12 19:02 Victoria:

    Would love to see what the Tinkerbell palette looks like. I bet it is shimmering and beautiful. I love this time of year when there are all kinds of new palettes along with great sales :)


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