Cheap Thrills: Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base

Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base ($3.49) is newly launched eyeshadow primer to the Ulta Essence Collection.

Essence designed this to be used like Benefit’s Stay Never Stray as you can use it as an eyeshadow primer or a prep and prime for concealer. The creamy texture promises a crease-free, longer wear for both eyeshadows and concealers.

I’m quite interested to try it as I am currently between eyeshadow primers at the moment but not sure I should invest too much hope into a under $4 eyeshadow primer.

Think it’ll be awesome?

One wonders!

Available now at Ulta and

  • 10/9/12 10:24 Laura S.:

    I’m interested to try this too. I used UD Primer Potion for several years, but after they switched to the tubes, I found that the formula seemed different and it didn’t work as well for me. I currently use NYX High Definition Eye Shadow Base, the formula is very similar to the genie bottle UD Primer Potion and it works very well on my oily lids.


    • 10/9/12 10:28 the Muse:

      same here laura! ud def changed since switching to the new packaging. I like NYX high Def also like MUFE’s new primer however always up for trying something else ;D


  • 10/9/12 10:37 Kiss & Make-up:

    I’ve heard good things about it, but I haven’t tried it myself.


  • 10/9/12 10:48 Eli:

    It’s not something big, actually :( I have very oily lids and eyeshadows still crease with this base. It works with several shadows from my collection, but mostly it fails – only 3-4 hours of wear :( I sometimes use it as a concealer and brightener, though – it works fine


  • 10/9/12 11:12 Ljana:

    I’ve had this for a few months and can’t really say anything but – meh. Good ol’ UDPP it ain’t but it’s not awful either. Shadows typically don’t crease on me anyway but they do last longer with this. Sometimes I use it sans shadow just to even out my lids since it’s not translucent but a light beige-ish color. I’d say it’s worth trying at 3.50, it just might work for you (and I’m personally not huge on primers anyway – too lazy to bother every morning with another step):)


    • 10/9/12 13:12 the Muse:

      ljana tell me ’bout it, so many steps in makeup it gets absurd sometimes haha!


  • 10/9/12 11:43 Lemony Licks:

    I got a sample size of Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray, and I have to say it’s quite handy! At least I don’t have to carry a separate concealer when I’m out. I think I might give this a try.


  • 10/9/12 13:05 sierrablue:

    I’ve tried this before and actually like it. It is my fallback primer when I’m out of UD. Picked it up during my trip to Germany in June, it’s a wee bit dry, reminds me very much of Laura Mercier’s base.


    • 10/9/12 13:11 the Muse:

      thanks sierra for the mini review :) sounds promising!


  • 10/9/12 13:56 Iris:

    This showed up in Canada recently. I am going to try it and see how it works for me. I’m not expecting too much for the price but if it keeps eyeshadow on for a bit longer, I’ll be pleased.


  • 10/9/12 14:16 Tammie:

    I am really REALLY loving the Lorac primer, you get a ton too and the applicator is very nice. Have you tried it Muse?


    • 10/9/12 14:22 the Muse:

      I have but not a huge fan Tammie. right now really love MUFE’s Primer but still always looking ;D


      • 10/9/12 16:05 Tammie:

        I guess primer is like mascara, some people love it and some people hate it you just have to try it yourself.

        I’m curious about the MUFE one now, but I have soooo much Lorac left lol. Remind me in a year? haha :)


        • 10/9/12 16:46 the Muse:

          LOl will do! “Siri remind me to tell tammie about Mufe’s primer, 2013”


          • 10/9/12 20:15 Tammie:

            😉 thanks lol

            BTW It prob got lost in your pile o’ tweets, but I sent you a pic of my BBW receipt from Sunday (no need to go look, it’s cool). I bought the Lambie slippers and it did indeed say “Lambie” on the receipt, so this is not a knockoff wannabe Lambie, it’s the real thing :)

          • 10/10/12 9:50 the Muse:

            oooo I def missed that dude! I got a ton on my timeline at the moment due to contests! AHHHHHHHHHH! lucky girl! are they cute?! ballet style or the big chunky ones?

          • 10/10/12 12:50 Tammie:

            No worries, I figure you get tweeted at a lot, and this was over the weekend too. They are super cute, they have a clear plastic bow on Lambie’s head with gold glitter inside. They aren’t ballet slippers but they aren’t chunky either, something in between (they are slip ons though). Unfortunately I had to return it because the Large wasn’t big enough for my huge feet, but while I tried them on they were very cozy, they have that soft fluffy material inside, knit outside :).

  • 10/9/12 16:02 AnaA:

    I have had it for about one year now (in Portugal it was launched last Summer, I believe) and I love it.

    I have hooded eyes and eyeshadows tend to crease on me, but even those which have more tendency to, do not crease when I use this Primer. Although, I believe it doesn’t work that well in people with oily skin.


  • 10/9/12 16:59 Marta:

    I’ve had this primer since June. I don’t think it’s good for summer months as it isn’t waterproof like UDPP or Shadow Insurance. It does make the eyeshadows last, and I don’t get any creasing until 6-8 hours. The texture is really creamy, and the soft beige shade makes it a good eyelid concealer a la Benefit’s LemonAid. I thinks it’s great for its prize tag, but for those who need perfection, look elsewhere!


    • 10/10/12 9:51 the Muse:

      marta I like the idea that it’s a soft beige-y shade…I love lemonaid so I’m always into something to brighten up lids ;D


      • 10/13/12 17:51 Marta:

        Sooo… I tested this primer, Elf Mineral primer and UD’s Eden these last 3 days. Because I have all 3, and they have a similar almost-concealer finish. Eden definitely holds better and is waterproof. But Essence and Elf… I thought them similar, but if you do one eye with each, after 6 hours you see the difference. Elf looks so much better. I think I hadn’t noticed because even w/o primer eyeshadows usually don’t crease on me. But comparing one next to the other, Elf gives more vibrancy and is pretty smudge resistant. And even if I don’t like Lemon Aid on me, I must admit these help even out the lids but more as concealers than illuminators.


  • 10/9/12 17:35 Michelle:

    I can’t say enough about this primer!!! I am one of the few that doesn’t like udpp (gasp) Ikr? This stuff works wonderful for me. It’s got a creamy consistency & keeps my shadow on from morning til night! Try it… For 3.99 which is what I paid at ulta you won’t be out much if it’s not great for you:)


    • 10/10/12 9:51 the Muse:

      sounds great michelle!!!!!!!!


  • 10/9/12 22:18 Quinctia:

    I don’t wear concealer, and I don’t think Stay Don’t Stray is the best eyeshadow primer (though my lids aren’t THAT picky about primers on the whole). So…between one deluxe sample and the tube of SDS I got in a Benefit set, I don’t really have a need to try a $4 version of a product I have plenty of but don’t use.

    At least I bought the one Benefit kit for Bella Bamba, High Beam, Eye Bright and the bag…since I knew I had no use for the mascara and SDS, haha.


  • 10/10/12 0:06 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    It’s a decent product. Not the BEST primer I’ve used, but good enough that I still use it on my oily lids and it does make my shadows last through the workday with minimal creasing.


  • 10/10/12 4:10 Ruthless:

    I saw this at shoppers drug mart (canuck ladies) and thought about it for 3.49 it seems like a good deal-but then I thought I’d just save myself 4 bucks and stick to what works. Glad I skipped this, as I loathe benefit stay don’t stray. Too much quirk and not enough quality.


  • 10/11/12 21:31 Exotic:

    its quite good, I must say as this not only do as a good base for my eyeshadows, also a good base for my concealers so that it wont slip during the day, I’m buying three backups! that’s how much I love it.


  • 10/30/12 10:43 OrangeLipstickBlog:

    Hey – I picked this up recently and wanted to tell you how great it is! I think it’s pretty miraculous that a $4 primer works so well but it is really great. I notice some slight fading after about 7 hours but it’s pretty minor. Also, this is a nice under-eye prep for concealer for me. I have really oily skin and it’s oily under my eyes, too. This works so well and I can’t believe it’s $4. I’ll keep using UDPP for dramatic looks or when I know my makeup is going to have to make it until midnight but for just everyday use, this is pretty fantastic! You need a tube!


    • 10/30/12 10:53 the Muse:

      thanks chica! I need to get to Ulta ;-D I have a wish list a mile long but haven’t had a chance to get there ;-D this is on it for sure now!


  • 11/11/12 14:14 joya:

    this is honestly the best primer i’ve ever used and i’ve tried quite a few. the formula is really creamy but it really covers all the discoloration in your lids. this is a MUST HAVE!!


  • 4/14/13 3:42 wajihah:

    this is the drugstore eyeshadow primer in my country, Malaysia. i am in love with this primer because the shadows don’t crease at all except u have oily lids.

    i would repurchase this eyeshadow primer~!


  • 4/14/13 13:08 Alli:

    I don’t know what it is but I’m obsessed with trying every eye primer and concealer I see. I will definitely be buying this . I recently tried Palladio eye primer which I like and have heard it’s made by the same company that makes udpp.


  • 4/14/13 13:09 Alli:

    Why did I just realize this was an old post?! Sorry :(


  • 6/16/13 0:32 Allison:

    I just discovered this product a couple of days ago, and I am amazed at how well it has performed. I honestly wasn’t expecting much, but it works so well on my dry eyelids to keep my eyeshadow from cracking. I used to use UD Primer Potion, but something changed,maybe my skin?, and it was so drying that I couldn’t use it. Switched to Too Faced Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop, nice and moisturizing, but it migrated into my eyes and coated my contact lenses with a film. essence’s eyeshadow base stays put, doesn’t crease and my eyeshadow looks good 12 hours later. A keeper


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