Make Up For Ever Holiday 2012

Ahhh this is the best time of the year to haul Make Up For Ever. Their Holiday 2012 Collection always consists of some great eyeliner sets so if you want to extend your stash with some some creamy, dreamy liners, Make Up For Ever is your girl.

Take a look at some of the gift sets and offerings from Make Up For Ever Holiday 2012 after the jump!

Make Up For Ever the Ultimate Eye Liner Collection $160 (Available exclusively at
Make Up For Ever has created a special “pencil box” inspired eye liner set that boasts 14 eye defining liners and a double pencil sharpener to help you intensify every look. The premium set contains a colorful assortment of cult-favorite Aqua Eyes, ultra creamy, smudge-proof eye liners with a long lasting result, Aqua Liner, vibrant, easy-to-use liquid liners that won’t smudge or fade, and Khol Pencils, highly pigmented pencils that are perfect for the waterline. The Ultimate Eye Liner Collection features step-by-step tutorials on the back of the box.

Aqua Eyes in:

  • 0L Mat Black
  • 2L Pearly Brown
  • 3L Iridescent Navy Blue
  • 5L Bronze Green
  • 11L Purple
  • 12L Blue with Green Highlights
  • 23L Champagne

Aqua Liner in:

  • 4 Diamond Lagoon Green
  • 7 Diamond Black Purple
  • 13 Mat Black
  • 15 Iridescent Anthracite

Khol Pencil in:

  • 1K Deep Black
  • 4K Intense Green
  • 9K Matte Mocha Brown
  • Double Pencil Sharpener

Make Up For Ever All Eyes On You $59 (Available at Sephora and
This limited edition holiday kit features five of Make Up For Ever’s best-selling products to create a beautiful holiday make up look from start to finish. Complete with application instructions, this kit will teach you how to create a flawless day-to-night look.

Products include:

  • Aqua Eyes #0L Mat Black
  • Aqua Eyes #21L Dark Grey
  • Aqua Cream #16 Pink Beige
  • HD Microfinish Powder
  • Smoky Lash

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Collection $36 (Available at Sephora and
Cult favorite Aqua Eyes pencils are a holiday must-have for creating long-lasting expertly lined eyes. This limited edition smudge-proof eye liner collection includes two full size and four travel size Aqua Eyes in flawlessly festive shades.

Products include:

  • Aqua Eyes #0L Mat Black (full size)
  • Aqua Eyes #2L Pearly Brown (full size)
  • Aqua Eyes #21L Metallic Grey (travel size)
  • Aqua Eyes #6L Black Purple (travel size)
  • Aqua Eyes #12L Turquoise (travel size)
  • Aqua Eyes #23L Champagne (travel size)

Will you be hauling any of these gift sets this year?

I love the Ultimate Set! MUFE does something similiar every year and everyone gets pretty hyped about it.

What do you think?

  • 10/23/12 12:06 Caitlin:

    By “everyone” you mean the small group of beauty fanatics crazy enough to spend $160 in one go on eyeliner, right?


    • 10/23/12 18:36 Debster:

      I don’t even think the Urban Decay had their huge eyeliner set be that expensive either.


      • 10/23/12 22:36 Carrie:

        I bought the $95 15th anniversary set but the $160 set (although awesome) is too rich for my blood – plus the liquid liners don’t appeal to me. That said, I am TOTALLY getting the aqua eyes collection. The mini-colors are right up my ally and this is really affordable way to try them out


  • 10/23/12 12:38 LINDARRAGNAR:

    I’m really liking the all eyes on you set…and I like the crayon box packaging on the eyeliners..but I would never need/ nor want all those!!


  • 10/23/12 13:01 Camille:

    Definitely hauling All Eyes on You, and I’ll get back to you on the eyeliner crayon box.


  • 10/23/12 13:28 Kiss & Make-up:

    Would I buy these sets, probably not… Would I love to get them, though? Definitely! lol :-)


  • 10/23/12 16:20 Kelly:

    That Make Up For Ever All Eyes On You set looks great, it’s just that I haven’t finishes my HD Microfinish Powder from 2 years ago yet. So I think it’s unnecessary to buy another one.


  • 10/23/12 16:31 blueraccoon:

    I spent $60 on liner from Urban Decay (ocho loco) but $160 is a little rich for my blood.


  • 10/23/12 17:49 amy:

    The Ultimate set looks amazing, and I would be willing to drop that amount (it’s alot, but it’s an awesome value). However, after getting all excited over the Smokey Eyes palette a while back, that for some reason was rescinded (although it remained on Sephora’s site for *months*), I have a hard time getting too excited. That said, I’m contemplating the Kat von D pencil set. The UD one looks great too, but they happen to be the *one* eye product that just disappears on me.


  • 10/24/12 0:29 Cindy:

    It looks like a box of crayons, how cute!


  • 10/24/12 7:39 Majick:

    Agree, I would not spend on his set because I think I dropped a chunk when I got ocho loco at UDs F&F . Would I love to receive this as a gift? You bet!

    The all eyes on you will be easily duped with my Stila prime pot in taffy, a couple of my new UD pencils, and the tub of hd powder I bought years ago. LoL Man that stuff lasts forever (pun intended).😜


    • 10/24/12 7:42 Majick:

      I just took a better look at the shadow and I would also add some shimmer over the prime pot.


  • 10/24/12 9:18 Joanna:

    Looks cute!!


  • 10/24/12 19:04 Nonatut:

    MUFE eye and lip liners are top notch, but even this self-proclaimed cosmetic whore won’t be droppin that much at one time on a box of eyeliners..crazy.


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