Sephora Mini Ultra Shine Gloss Set Review & Swatches

Stuff stockings with Sephora Mini Ultra Shine Gloss Set ($15) and delight all your friends this Holiday Season! Packaged up and ready for gifting this little set includes four of Sephora’s new Ultra Shine Glosses.

Take a look!

Ok, I’d shave off $5 bucks from the price and that my dears would gain this a little Muse Approval action. This little gift set features four shades of Sephora Ultra Shine Gloss in the following shades:

  • 42 Precious Pink
  • 20 Perfect Nude
  • 50 Rose Petal
  • 11 Pin-Up Pink

It’s a nice little selection of natural shades with a bright pop of pink! The formula on these is divine with a thinner, lightweight texture with a high glossy finish. Three of the four shades lend a very nice pop of color to lips with fairly good pigmentation (not completely opaque but almost there!). I’ve been a fan of these since Sephora introduced them several months ago. The formula is everything I desire in a gloss. Color, shine, glossiness! Brilliant! On the downside, since they lack any really stickiness the wear time is fairly short so reapplication is a must.

Rose Petal, Pin Up Pink, Precious Pink, Perfect Nude

Rose Petal

Precious Pink

Pin Up Pink

Perfect Nude

Overall, a most excellent little set. Problem? $15 is a little high for this set. Perhaps $10, yes? That would make me every so inclined to Muse Approve it for purchase.

Likey the idea, likey the formula, not loving the price.

Available now for the Holiday Season only at Sephora and

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  • 11/29/12 19:25 BLee:

    I pick up the set that was for 25 and had to reutrn them, I have a nasty rash from them. I was very sad because I truly like them but a red rash was not for me lol :) But they were a very nice set to have.


  • 11/29/12 20:31 Tina:

    I have a similar set from Sephora last year or the year before? I don’t remember but some of the colors are the same. I really like the colors (except for the shimmery one). The only thing I don’t like about it is the scent. Too sugary sweet. I’m not a fan of super sweet scented lip products.


  • 11/30/12 3:44 Sweta:

    lol..I just saw this today n was thinkin to buy or not..I think I will get this one..I was also in love with the Buxom time to shine it was out of stock :(..thanks for d review muse..:D


  • 11/30/12 5:38 Debster:

    I love their gloss, but I’d rather spend the extra 10$ and get the large set of glosses. There’s never enough gloss in our stashes imo!


  • 11/30/12 12:55 Angel:

    Hi Muse! I have this set and I love this formula too. I have a couple other full size colors. The formula is awesome, but I LOVE the applicator. It’s the best lip gloss applicator I’ve ever used. Two of these colors were perfect on me. The nude and bright pink I’m gifting for Christmas.


    • 11/30/12 13:01 the Muse:

      hey angel! I have a fair few of the full size too and love them and I agree the applicator is key! the only thing that I hate is they have a short wear time aside from that they rock ;-D yayyyy! glad to hear it ;-D


  • 12/2/12 3:38 Tiffany Martin:

    The shades look perfect, I love cool-tone pinks, and natural colors, but that sparkley precious pink looks cute too ^_^


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