Tarte Picture Perfect Curler and Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes! Holiday 2012 Review

Tarte Picture Perfect Curler and Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes! for Holiday 2012 ($16) is a festive little duo for stuffing stockings with.

This contains a limited edition spring eyelash curler as well as a mini Lights, Camera, and Lashes Mascara.

Take a look!

This set is LE however, Tarte already offers the set in the general catalog so if you miss out, no need to worry, it’s available year round.

The difference between the two sets is the handles on the curler in the LE set matches the foiled design that Tarte is using on all of their Holiday palettes and products. Aside from that all else is the same.

One thing that does deserve to be mentioned is the Lights, Camera, and Lashes! Mascara isn’t exactly deluxe size. This is a 0.1 oz tube and I have a larger tube (can’t recall the exactly size at the moment) that leans towards being more deluxe. This size I feel is more mini.

I’m always a little scared of spring lash curlers but this produces some very nice, fluffy lashes. The drama that I’d typically get from my beloved Shu curler is not to be had with this lash curler as it produces more softer, fluffier lashes versus the stiffer curl I get from Shu. However, in conjunction with the mascara you get a good deal of length.

Lights, Cameara, Lashes! Mascara is one of my favorite mascara formulas as it produces some really long lashes. I think the duo, sold together, is an excellent coupling and using both together will produce mile high lashes!

You do have to be careful with the curler as spring back curlers are always tricky little beasts. They tend to grab skin sometimes which is a BIG old ouch so just squeeze gently at first. The set also includes a replacement pad.

This is a nice little stocking stuffer for beauty lovers or anyone really who loves Tarte. It’s a great introduction to Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara as well if you never tried it.

It’s available now at Sephora and Sephora.com

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  • 11/19/12 19:53 CC:

    I replaced my Shu w this as I finally ran out of replacement pads. I love LCL so I thought I would try. I do like it a lot. I had tried the ELF o e and gor some teadon, it always stuck to ky lashes so I am very pleased w the Tarte LE curler.


  • 11/19/12 22:06 sakex:

    I just got this and love it! The contour works really well for my Asian eyes and doesn’t pinch like a lot of other curlers I’ve used. I agree that its creates a “softer,” less dramatic look which was unexpected but welcomed personally due to my work environment. I think this is a great little set <3


  • 11/19/12 23:57 Phyrra:

    I need to give this a try. You got great results!


  • 11/20/12 0:42 KhaliaNicole:

    Funny, I had JUST added this to my Xmas wish list! Good to know, it was a good choice!


  • 11/20/12 7:28 Kiss & Make-up:

    Ever since I got my Shu Uemure curler, I don’t want anything else anymore… :-)


  • 11/20/12 8:03 trayceeee:

    I picked this up on the weekend, so far so good. The reviews are terrible though! It also cost $21cdn. So just deciding if there is anything better for the Price… shiseido?


  • 11/20/12 10:39 HapaGirl:

    Ugh, your lashes are beautiful, so long! I have lash envy :)


    • 11/20/12 10:40 the Muse:

      hardly but thanks hapa ;D


  • 11/20/12 21:20 aly:

    ~ Thanks for this great post!..
    I am always looking for tips about eyelashes, mascara, as I have really such super straight lashes and when a curl lasts makes my eyes look bigger and gorgeous..

    I so love sharing with others about great products I have tried ~ The best ever“ eyelash curler I have ever found is the Hot Lashes eyelash curler, makeup Artist kit. Loved the reviews on Amazon and was impressed. There is also a site of the same name HotLashes.com.

    This curler is exactly like the gold Shu Uemura curler with a great 24K gold plated curler and this small pink heater base. Keeps my straight lashes curling till the next day….and no crimp, only a curl..I so HTH~


  • 11/24/12 17:58 Tiffany Martin:

    This looks like it worked really well


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