Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Age BB Cream SPF 20

Yes, the rumors are true. Lumene BB Cream is on the loose at CVS. Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Age BB Cream SPF 20 is available in two shade selections ranging from $16 to $14 at CVS. I know, odd price tag right? But I actually saw it at two different CVS stores for two different prices.

Oh the confusion of it all! But I do want to try it as Lumene has some excellent skincare products so if anyone was going to get the Asian BB Cream formula down right I’m hopeful it’ll be Lumene!

Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Age BB Cream SPF 20 is available in Light and Medium shades.

This is formulated with the power of Arctic Cloudberry and has multi-benefit formula works like skincare and a lightweight makeup.

Benefits Include:

  • Hydration
  • Brightening
  • Sun Protection
  • Coverage for Blemishes and Dark Spots
  • Improving Elasticity for a more youthful appearance
  • Evens out skintone

It’s available now on the normal Lumene shelf at CVS locations.

Learn more at

Review upcoming soon!

  • 12/27/12 18:45 anna:

    I am really anxious to try this one and am awaiting your review. I haven’t seen it in any of my CVS – most of them in my area only carry the skin care products and discontinued any of the makeup products so I am hopeful they will carry it.


    • 12/27/12 18:53 the Muse:

      anna look by the skincare, that’s actually where it is :)


  • 12/27/12 19:13 Nikki:

    Can’t wait to read your review!


  • 12/28/12 0:16 Rani:

    I am in love with this BB cream!! I haven’t tried any Asian ones, so I don’t know how it compares to them, but it is loads better than the too faced and smashbox BB creams in my opinion:)


  • 12/28/12 9:16 Eva Sofia:

    I have tried Asian BB creams and American ones…and this one is by far the best one I have tried in the US. In my opinion it is much better than the higher end brands too. 😀


    • 12/28/12 9:24 the Muse:

      SO happy to hear that!!!!!!!!!


  • 12/28/12 11:35 Claudia:

    I saw it at Walgreens as well for $14.99 I believe


  • 12/30/12 0:18 Tammie:

    I noticed you got light…so I am assuming that this will probably be too dark for me?


  • 1/10/13 14:32 Rosie Cruz:

    It’s 40% off at CVS right now!


  • 1/16/13 16:36 Jacki:

    Can anyone have a full review on this product?


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