Maybelline Eye Studio Master Duo Glossy Liquid Liner Spring 2013

Maybelline Master Duo by Eyestudio Glossy Liquid Liner is new liquid liner launching for Spring 2013.

Take a look!

The widely popular Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Shadow line boasts one sale every 20 seconds around the clock! Five new metallic shades take eyes into even more daring territory with the new Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Metal Cream Gel Shadow. Along with these new metallic cream gel eyeshadows they’ll be a new Master Duo Glossy Liquid Liner with Maybelline’s first ever 2-in-1 formula for creating thin or thick glossy lines with just a twist of the wrist. Master Duo Glossy Liquid Liner creates a professional quality, versatile graphic liquid line with an incredible ease of application.

This liner offers dramatic color and an ultra-glossy color six shades:

  • Black Lacquer
  • Violet Luster
  • Glossy Teal
  • Polished Green
  • Navy Gleam
  • Bronzed Shimmer

The liner will be available this January at drugstores for $7.99 each.

  • 12/11/12 20:35 charlotte:

    Not a liquid liner gal.. but very much looking forward to the new CT’s. I own every one of them including all the LE.


  • 12/11/12 21:20 Becca:

    Neat! I think the purple will be really pretty! Hopefully it’s a sponge tip applicator instead of a brush type. I’m pretty crappy at liquid liner and tend to do better with the first.


  • 12/11/12 21:58 Icequeen81:

    Even If they are good I wont even try for some kind of reason I cant work the liquid eyeliner


    • 12/12/12 9:51 the Muse:

      ha story of my life girl!


  • 12/12/12 9:14 Christina:

    Any idea when the five new Color Tattoos will be showing up? I’ve been reading about them for a few weeks since they are already in stores in Canada. Thankfully, they don’t seem to be limited edition this time. Need to get my hands on them!


  • 12/12/12 10:24 Danii:

    I hope these are great! I usually like the Eye Studio line


  • 12/12/12 10:34 Christina:

    Love liquid liners (although not as much as gel liners) so I will be looking to haul Violet Luster. Disappointed that there isn’t a charcoal or grey one. I have hazel eyes and both purples and greys are my best friends.


  • 12/12/12 11:35 kimkats:

    Ooooo…… Will have to keep an eye out for these – I’m kinda getting the hang of using liquid liners (again – used them a thousand years ago when I was first wearing makeup – some shimmery gray ghastly formuly from Aziza I think it was….) I do like how well they wear, tho they are a bit of a challenge to apply.

    But that’s why they invented Q-tips! 😀


    • 12/12/12 11:47 the Muse:

      girl total idiot with liquid liner so I know what you mean!


  • 12/12/12 11:46 Joanna:

    I honestly love some of Maybelline’s product but, I am yet to master using liquid liner :)


  • 12/12/12 21:13 Natasha:

    OOOOH! I want to try the teal! And the bronze… Can’t wait for these to show up in SoCal!


  • 1/26/13 3:53 Dollface:

    Best eyeliner ever.


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