Sephora Nail Wand Holiday 2012 Review & Swatches

Sephora I am stuffing stockings all around with your Nail Wand! It’s super cute!

Sephora really chuffed me silly with their Lipgloss Wand and now here’s a great little stackable Nail Wand for the Holiday Season.

You’ll want this if you’re a nail girl!

Seriously, how cute is this? It’s four mini shades of polish that are stackable. People, the little things make me happy! The fact that these stack up just makes me grin! I think it’s a rather cute little way to store polishes don’t you?

Each chubby little glass bottle contains 0.15 oz of polish and comes in Gold and Silver variations. The Silver version is the one I swatched here and includes:

  • Red Berries Smoothie
  • Silver Glitter
  • Electroshot
  • Mirror Mirror

I’m not a nail girl to be honest but I thought they swatched gorgeous! I can’t wait to apply Mirror Mirror on my toes!

The Nail Wand is $12 and available exclusively at Sephora and

Makes a great stocking stuffer yes?


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  • 12/6/12 19:43 Icaria:

    This is nice, good sticking stuffer! 😀


  • 12/6/12 19:55 Icequeen81:

    I am nail polish girl and red berries and electroshot seems amazing


  • 12/6/12 20:02 Lulle:

    This is love at first sight <3 :O


  • 12/6/12 20:04 Carrie:

    It’s a cute idea, but I think this is more fun for a gift for a niece/cousin/someone that isn’t into polish that one who is. The colors are basic, the bottles teeny and let’s face it – who is -really- going to store their polishes stacked like that? I also think it slightly overpriced, I think $10 would have been the perfect price point.


  • 12/6/12 20:43 BLee:

    Those are some great holiday colors and they look like my fingers and toes would just love them 😀 Thanks so much for the swatches, Muse.


    • 12/7/12 9:08 the Muse:

      my pleasure blee ;D


  • 12/6/12 21:01 Heather:

    *OOOO* Those look so fantabulous! I’ve stared at those and picked them up and stared some more while waiting in the checkout line, but didn’t feel like I needed them, BUT !now! I see them out of the bottle, and I WANT!!


  • 12/7/12 0:11 Tiffany Martin:

    Whichever one is the purple/bluish color is awesome! That’s my fave, what a dark deep shade of awesome.


  • 12/7/12 8:35 Agata:

    Funny thing, it was my birthday yesterday and my husband got me those nail polishes, they are super cute. Hubby did a good job picking them up by himself :)


    • 12/7/12 9:01 the Muse:

      aw happy belated agata ;-D he sounds sweet! awwww! hubby picking up nail polish for his wife? that’s too cute!


      • 12/7/12 10:09 Agata:

        I know! I was especially surprised because I have probably over a hundred bottles of nail polishes and he always says it’s too many, lol. He also got me a Clarisonic Mia2, which I am excited about but that was hinted by me for a long time :)


        • 12/7/12 10:38 the Muse:

          damn girl that’s a ton of polish hehe ;-D awww yay! enjoy the mia! It’s fab!


          • 12/7/12 12:33 Agata:

            Yes, that’s a lot :) I am thinking of banning myself from buying ANY nail polish. I cannot wait to use my mia and see if it really works!

          • 12/7/12 13:08 the Muse:

            remember you have to use it religiously to see results ;-D I got SO frustrated with my first clarisonic purchase…! I even gave it a really bad review…but after using it consistently I can’t live without it now!

  • 12/7/12 10:57 Amanda:

    What a cute gift this would make! The colors are gorgeous!


  • 12/7/12 15:33 Cindy:

    That silver is calling my name! I’m surprised how well they swatched, and is that on the back of your hand Muse? haha


    • 12/10/12 9:12 the Muse:

      it is lol I put tape over my arm ;-D


      • 12/10/12 14:36 Cindy:

        Oh good! I was thinking “Did she swatch those on her hand? Now THAT is dedication!” haha <3


        • 12/10/12 14:41 the Muse:

          lol! no worries, peel the tape off, throw it out, no mess ;-D aside from the fact I almost tipped the bottles over see and we were just talking about being clumsy ;D


  • 12/8/12 12:58 reen:

    sooo cute!!


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