Ulta Renew Flawless Finish BB Cream SPF 30

Ulta Renew Flawless Finish BB Cream SPF 30 is the newest BB Cream to grace the mainstream market. I mentioned in a prior post that Spring 2013 will bring about new and hopefully improved formulas of BB Cream. We saw some rise up in Fall 2013 with BB Cream but since January and Spring seems to be the season of skincare and makeup renewal it feels like BB Cream fits right in.

It’s interesting to see Ulta releasing their own BB Cream which makes me wonder if Sephora will also release one.

Take a look!

Ulta Renew Flawless Finish BB Cream is available in Fair to Light and Medium to Dark for $18.

This formula promises to minimize the appearance of pores, conceal dark spots, and protect skin while offering sheer coverage for a softer, smoother, more youthful appearance. Plankton extract helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and helps to soften the appearance of deep expression lines.

They market it as a product that can be used over or under foundation.

It sounds like very sheer coverage and possibly watery due to the SPF. But count me curious! I’d be willing to try it.

It’s available now at Ulta.

  • 12/26/12 10:44 Melissa:

    Sounds promising. I use Missha Perfect Cover right now. Are there ANY US BB creams you would recommend right now that is similar to the Korean brands? I can’t keep up with all the new ones to see if there are any that have actually gotten it right yet.


    • 12/26/12 20:06 Fatima:

      Dr Jart BB Cream is similar to the Korean brands


      • 1/6/13 17:20 Adrienne:

        I found this on an end cap at Ulta not a lot of promo for it. I have only used it once and so far so good but its been really cold here so its hard to tell about the finish. The one thing I am pleased about is that the color ranges are a bit more diverse and true to what comes out of the container once its massaged in.


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