Urban Decay Setting Mists Get New Packaging for Spring 2013

Urban Decay introduced a new Chill Makeup Setting Spray for Spring 2013 and repackages their old formulas in some brand new clothes for the Spring season!

Take a look!

Now the most interesting release here is the new Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray which has a cooling time-release Temperature Control Technology that actually chills the surface of your makeup. This keeps makeup looking fresh and as if you just-applied for up to 12 hours.

Urban Decay’s De-Slick and All Nighter get sleek, modern packaging remakes with a basic soft touch white bottle features a color-coordinated cap.

I liked the original packaging but some folks didn’t embrace so this new basic packaging might be very appealing.

These are available now at www.urbandecay.com

Do you like the new packaging?

Thoughts on Chill?

Do share!

  • 12/27/12 10:52 Cj:

    Hmm are these aerosol sprays or..?


    • 12/27/12 10:57 the Muse:

      no prob misters


  • 12/27/12 10:59 anne:

    Im curious to try the deslick. Ive been using the Scandinavia one for a while now and im almost out. My friend said she couldn’t notice a difference between Scand. oil control and UD Deslick as well as Scand. original


    • 12/27/12 16:48 Cynthia Ramirez:

      The reason you couldn’t tell the difference is because the UD setting sprays are actually a Collaboration with SKINDINAVIA!haha


      • 12/27/12 17:11 anne:

        Yes I know that, my friend was the one that tried it not me. however, just because its by the same company doesn’t mean it will have the same ingredients. there’s no pt in having two similar sprays that function the same if they weren’t a little bit different.


        • 12/27/12 20:50 christi:

          Yes, that is totally true Anne. Just because they’re made by the same company doesn’t mean jack. They can even have the same/very similar ingredients and be formulated completely differently.


  • 12/27/12 11:01 Diane:

    I wonder if they changed the formula? I haven’t tried the other two, but I got the De-slick spray as a Sephora gift but was not impressed. It smelled like hairspray and felt heavy on my face.


    • 12/27/12 11:12 anne:

      thats a good Q. I always wonder about that when they repackage products


    • 12/27/12 11:24 Carly:

      Yes, they have for all three setting sprays.


  • 12/27/12 11:26 Laura:

    I want to try chill.


  • 12/27/12 11:27 Liza Chung:

    The UD ones are by Skindinavia.


  • 12/27/12 13:11 Jen:

    This packaging is silly. It’s the same bottle as the old one, different label, same sprayer with little clear lid, then the big bulky colored lid, too! So you have to open two lids to get the the product which to me is odd… And I liked the old name for chill out. :/ ‘dew me’ was cute and naughty. Lol


  • 12/27/12 14:41 Kiss & Make-up:

    Ooh, I wonder about the oil-control one… I’m tempted to get it!


  • 12/27/12 16:35 AME:

    I really hope the AllNighter formula is still the same!


  • 12/27/12 16:49 Cynthia Ramirez:

    I really liked UD’s setting spray, but I use a lot at once and go through bottles pretty quickly. I use the ELF setting spray because I don’t mind spending 3 bucks a bottle :]


  • 12/27/12 17:08 anne:

    I just looked up the ingredients and it seems like 2 that were in the OLD UD formula are not in the new one or the Scandinavia ver. And likewise 3 ingredients in the OLD UD and Scand. are not in the new UD one. So they have changed formula it seems. and the only different ingredient i noticed was sodium benzoate. im am trying to look all of it up and try and understand it better.


    • 12/27/12 17:09 anne:

      oh and i was referring to comparing the Deslick and no more shine versions.


  • 12/27/12 17:11 Marta:

    Uhm. I really like Dew Me for the winter when my skin feels dry and tight after putting on make up. Also for the rare days when I use powder and my skin looks powdering. Great for hydrate+setting. Also the smell is nice. Also it is call Dew Me. So after the renamed packaging, it is definitely going to get only 4 out of 5 stars. I will try the new one, as it hasn’t triggered any of my many skin allergies so far and it does its work.


  • 12/27/12 19:57 Olivia:

    Oh cool! I love all-nighter and just got a mini de-slick for Christmas. Love the repackaging!


  • 12/28/12 11:04 Melissa:

    I personally like this packaging better than the original packaging. Do they still have the Dew Me setting spray? That one is my HG. I’ve also used the All-Nighter with great results. I just hope they didn’t change the formula.


    • 12/28/12 12:19 the Muse:

      i think dew me is now chill Melissa :)


  • 12/29/12 2:10 Phyrra:

    I love the new packaging!


  • 12/30/12 23:12 Kylie:

    I don’t know if anyone has already said this- We just got confirmation from UD at work (sephora) that the “chill” spray is the exact same formula as dew me. We have the newly packaged ones currently and they are all exactly the same as far as we can tell :)


  • 1/4/13 21:22 Kayla:

    So what exactly is the difference between All-Nighter and Chill? If Chill and Dew Me are supposed to be the same, they sound totally different, imo. Dew Me seems like it was more for dry skin and Chill just seems like All-Nighter but with cooling properties.


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