Escada Cherry In The Air Eau de Toilette Spray Spring 2013

I’m hoping Escada Cherry In the Air is more cherry than cherry blossom because if it is, I’ll be in heaven!

Launching for Spring this new limited edition fragrance is inspired by the cherry blossom tree in full bloom.

Cherry in the Air is inspired by sweet scent of blossoming cherries.

The fragrance features a captivating blend of succulent red fruits and addictive gourmand notes that ignite your zest for life and trigger the same joyful contemplation of fun-filled summers as flourishing cherries.

  • Top Note: Black Cherry, Raspberry, Mandarin
  • Heart Note: Marshmallow, Gardenia Petals, Coconut Orchid
  • Base Note: Sandalwood, Suede Accord, Oakwood

Oh it sounds like something I must have. Seriously black cherry and marshmallow?

I think we need a back up of this!

Yes please.

Available now at Ulta and

  • 1/10/13 12:49 Icequeen81:

    I love cherry is my favorite fruit love the taste and smell. Like you I hope and cross my fingers that it really smells like cherry and not cherry blossom which is a smell i don’t like

    I wil be waiting for the review cause i want to be in that smell heaven too


  • 1/10/13 15:12 Ashley:

    Can Escada PLEASE bring back Taj Sunset? Ugh I need more of it in my life. If Cherry In The Air is amazeballs too I’d haul it by the gallons.


    • 1/10/13 16:50 the Muse:

      hm have you tried places like perfumania? sometimes they have backstock of old escada fragrances!


  • 1/10/13 15:56 Jen:

    I always lol on the inside when brands market cherry blossom scents with actual cherry notes and labels. Don’t get me wrong, this scent is right up my alley. I lol because the cherry blossom tree does not in fact, bare cherries. 😛


  • 1/10/13 21:15 Jaz:

    OOH that sounds great!


  • 1/10/13 23:29 Robin:

    Love Escada! Moon Sparkle and Ibiza Hippie are my past faves!


    • 1/11/13 11:13 the Muse:

      love Ibiza Hippie ;D


  • 1/11/13 1:37 Angelica B.:



  • 2/17/13 16:09 Annemarie:

    I allready have it and it’s wonderfull :)


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