L’Oreal Color Lift Blush Swatches

L’Oreal has launched a new range of blushes entitled Visible Lift Color Lift Blush. I keep wanting to put an “e” on the end of that “lift” for some reason. These are newly launched for Spring 2013 and very similiar to Maybelline Dream Bounce Blush.

Take a look!

Outside of having a dome shape these sport the same mousse-like bouncy texture as Dream Bouncy Blush. They also, so far, seem to be just as sheer and short wearing. I’m still testing them out but so far I’m a bit disappointed by them. They swatch hecka nice as you can see here but they apply very sheer and I get a ton of shimmer but not as much color.

Berry and Rose Gold

Coral, Peach Gold, Pink

I’m still testing though so I might be surprised by other shades I haven’t yet tried.

Has anyone tried them yet?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

These are available now at drugstores. I located mine at Harmons.

  • 1/2/13 19:09 Tammie:

    What a shame, rose gold and peach gold look lovely. I also noticed that many of these on the display were cracking and separating from the pan…not a good look so I don’t think I’ll indulge even if these turn out to surprise you.


    • 1/2/13 19:55 the Muse:

      they swatch amazing, def build better than maybelline’s version when swatching however, I can’t see much on my cheeks…I’m going to test a bit more as so far only tried two shades!


    • 1/3/13 1:40 Debster:

      That sounds awful for a new product to look like it’s drying out already. =[


  • 1/2/13 20:03 Cj:

    Wow L’oreal calm down on the shimmer a little lol I think I still have one of maybellines in my bag xD


  • 1/2/13 21:16 Brooke @ Being Vivacious:

    Too much shimmer in my book


  • 1/2/13 22:50 Jacquelyn:

    these look so nice! can’t wait to get a review ^_^


  • 1/3/13 0:05 amy:

    Berry looks so pretty in the pan, but I stay away from blush with too much shimmer (I don’t need anything to further accentuate my pores, LOL). If I still had my 19-year-old skin, I’d be all over these… I find it strange, though, that a line geared toward more “mature” women would have so much shimmer, as our pores typically become more pronounced as we age.


  • 1/3/13 1:04 Lorraine ER:

    Hmm, maybe they’d work good with powder over them?


  • 1/3/13 3:43 Lulle:

    Peach Gold looks gorgeous!


  • 1/3/13 7:09 Susan K:

    Was worried about pigmentation of these, glad I got the darkest one! Usually don’t have a lot of love for L’oreal blushes.


  • 1/3/13 8:27 K.A:

    I see NARS dupes !!


  • 1/3/13 9:04 Heather:

    Ugh, shimmer! Thanks for saving me some money!


    • 1/3/13 10:10 the Muse:

      my pleasure heather!


  • 1/3/13 10:47 ABI:

    They look like the Nars Orgasm :)


  • 1/3/13 18:58 Tiffany Martin:

    Pink looks totally cute, also seems less shimmery than the rest, is that the case or is it just the photo?


  • 1/4/13 15:12 Jaz:

    Not a fan of the price point , so I most likely wont try them. I would rather try Iman blushes for that.


  • 1/5/13 11:04 Natalie:

    Is there tons of shimmer in these? What about the Berry one, looks like a little less sparkle. Have you tried the new mascara? If so how is it?


  • 1/5/13 11:24 Natalie:

    Is the new eyeliner a felt tip pen? What are the colors? Is it waterproof? Thanks for any help! :)


  • 1/7/13 14:07 Glaze:

    They look too shimmery but I think those photo’s weren’t taken in daylight so I think they have beautiful shades and wearable lovely colors,loved them can’t wait to try


  • 1/7/13 20:13 Mackenzie M.:

    I swatched these today too, and I liked the way they felt on my finger, they also seemed very pigmented! but I agree, they are TOO MUCH shimmer for a blush. Would look lovely on medium/dark skin tones as a highlighter though. And I do agree that they were separating in the pan, I was a little turned off by that :/ Curious to hear your final review!


    • 1/7/13 21:13 the Muse:

      I typically like shimmer but yeah this is a lot to deal with mackenzie! I’m testing them this week and should have a review by friday ;D


  • 1/9/13 10:44 Natalie:

    Does the Berry shade have as much shimmer as the others? The Rose Gold is so pretty, but again a lot of shimmer. Have you tried the new mascara? How is it? I am looking to get waterproof. Thanks for any info!


    • 1/9/13 10:53 the Muse:

      i haven’t tried the new mascara natalie sorry, I’m testing these now so will make comments on sparkle/shimmer etc soon as I get through trying each shade :)


  • 1/9/13 14:18 madworld:

    I picked up the rose gold the other day. I LOVE it. It is fast becoming my fave blush. Yes, there is a shimmer to it. But, I need that because my skin is so dull. I am 32 and I feel like it does give me a more youthful glow. It shows up really well on my very fair complexion. The staying power is so-so. But, I don’t mind a touch up. I also picked up the visalift foundation. I love that too. I am just hoping that neither will break me out. Thanks for the swatches! I want to go buy another. :)


    • 1/9/13 14:57 the Muse:

      I’m happy to hear it madworld ;-D that’s a great shade btw….really very pretty! ;-D


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