Sephora Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow Spring 2013

Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow, Sephora’s answer to their dismissed Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow that I loved. But hey, New Year, new makeup right?

Sephora Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow look a little similiar to Laura Mercier’s recently released Art Deco Muse Collection Illuminating Eye Color don’t you think?

These quilted eyeshadows produce luminous color on lids with a formula that features a shadow that applies like a baked formula, feels like a powder, and has a creamy finish that delivers, pure, shimmering color to lids.


  • Pearly Golden
  • Golden Peach
  • Golden Taupe
  • Purple
  • Taupe
  • Taupe Silver
  • Black
  • Lilac

These are $20 and available now at Sephora and

Considering I had such a great time with the original Prisma Eyeshadows I’m all about checking out the metallic ones.


  • 1/3/13 12:42 shellypea:

    i snagged all of these – they are all nice and i find they have better color payoff using my finger to apply. i only paid $16 so i hope they didn’t up the price!


    • 1/3/13 12:43 the Muse:

      they sound amazing! I loved the original prisma formula so quite happy to get my hands on these!


  • 1/3/13 12:44 Tammie:

    I see taupes!!! Must pick those up at least.

    I just hope these have less fall out than the Laura Mercier ones…loved them at first but then I found they were FALL OUT CITY and had to return them U_U;;


    • 1/3/13 12:45 Tammie:

      Ohhh I really want the peach too.

      Dammit and I made one of my beauty resolutions to get less eyeshadow singles and more quads/quints >.<**


      • 1/3/13 20:20 charlotte:

        Right there with you.. singles are so bulky and hard to keep up with and they take a lot longer to apply having to open and close every pot. I would snap up a trio or quad for sure.


  • 1/3/13 12:56 Nikki:

    These look goregous! Love all the pretty taupe shades and that peach! I also love the pattern on top!


  • 1/3/13 13:03 Michelle:

    Ohh, purple and golden peach … you will be mine … drool. These shades are oh so pretty!

    Do you think these would apply better with a brush or a sponge? I know shellypea said she uses her finger – but I think I have man hands and will not apply it correctly. Yes, I am thinking of that Seinfeld episode with those man hands cracking that damn lobster – haha. Oh, sorry about the tangent – hehe.


    • 1/3/13 13:14 the Muse:

      stuff like this I always use sponge applicators for, they pile on color really well ;-D haaaaaaaaaa I remember that episode!


  • 1/3/13 13:09 lesleyk:

    Oooh, pretty! Can’t wait to see swatches of these.


  • 1/3/13 13:19 Debster:

    When I saw these last week in store, I was really excited since I love metallics. they swatched really nicely, but I didn’t buy any since I was there to buy perfume; I had to limit myself.


  • 1/3/13 14:02 Kim:

    I loved the original formula too but these seem too pricey for me right now. I mean, I’d probably spend that much on UD eye shadow but not Sephora brand.


  • 1/3/13 14:04 Angela:

    I have all of these are they are identical to Laura Mercier’s Art Deco shadows :)


  • 1/3/13 14:18 Darkeyedfran:

    Muse! I have the taupe and the purple and I love them!!!! I also bought these for $16, and I really think these are worth the price. These are so shimmery and reflective! I like applying with my finger but there is minimal fallout and good pigmentation with a brush.


    • 1/3/13 16:34 the Muse:

      ugh I wants so bad fran they sound amazing!


  • 1/3/13 16:42 Tiffany Martin:

    Metallics are so great right now, I love how they look on my lids. Which color do I want the most? Probably dat purple!


  • 1/3/13 18:15 Lulle:

    Taupe HAS to be mine… they’re listed for $16 on by the way!


  • 1/3/13 18:41 Shamim de Varax:

    I couldn’t find the original prisma eyeshadows at all in europe or asia. and now I’m no longer near a sephora =( sad.


    • 1/3/13 18:42 the Muse:

      aw sorry shamim any chance evil bay has?


  • 1/3/13 20:23 charlotte:

    Too rich for my blood.. but they do look beautiful. Sephora needs to back the price down quite a bit, or release a trio/quad/palette.


  • 1/4/13 0:50 Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex:

    These definitely are reminiscent of the Laura Mercier eyeshadows! I have Gilded Moonlight from LM and loooove it. I’d be interested in seeing how these Sephora ones compare, especially if the prices are only a few $$ different.


  • 2/9/13 18:31 Rebecca:

    I saw the price was $16 online and in my store. I think I will go back and get a few. These are huge for the price. They are soft but not bouncy or like a gel. They swatched quite sheer, though. Hopefully they’re buildable.


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