Stila All You Need Is Love Cheek Palette Review & Swatches

If you’re looking for a bright, vibrant blush for Spring you might consider the Stila All You Need Is Love Cheek Palette that recently launched for Valentine’s Day.

Stila All You Need Is Love Cheek Palette Valentine's Day 2013

This sweet little palette is the perfect way to bring a pink glow to your cheeks!

You might recall my episode with the Stila Positively Pink Cheek Palette, I didn’t really like it! Thankfully Stila improved upon their faults with the All You Need Is Love Cheek Palette.

Stila All You Need Is Love Cheek Palette

Stila All You Need Is Love Blush

Stila All You Need Is Love Cheek Palette Swatches

Stila All You Need Is Love Swatches

For me Positively Pink was too frosty however All You Need Is Love has similiar shades (a little brighter) sans the frost. These have a satiny finish with a denser texture and electrifying pigmentation.

The raised design is sectioned into four square quarters which each featuring a letter spelling out “Love” (the O is replaced with a heart). Each of these letters has a sparkling gold over spray which quickly wipes away with the first use. The letters are raised enough that they won’t fade right away with several uses but gradually over time.

Stila All You Need Is Love

Stila All You Need Is Love Cheek Palette Without Overspray

Without over spray

The colors featured are a pink rose, true pink, rose, and a fuchsia rose pink. Combined they create a rousing shade of fuchsia pink on my cheeks. Depending on your own undertones and how heavy your hand is the color finish will vary from person to person. I didn’t experience any of the frost I got from Positively Pink only a pretty glow on my cheeks. The lighter shades work to diffuse the brighter fuchsia.

Blending was a little difficult for me…I think the dominate shade is the fuchsia and it wants to overtake the other three shades if you’re not careful. If you have pink or ruddy cheeks already I wouldn’t suggest the palette.

Overall, this packs the pigment and creates a really pretty pink glow on cheeks! Dark or tanned skin can easily get on board here as well but fairer skin beware as this is a bright, bright shade.

Stila All You Need Is Love Cheek Palette FOTD

I liked it a lot!

Cute palette and happy to have hauled it.

It’s available now for $14 and Free Shipping at


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 1/31/13 15:41 Jen_M_sunshine:

    Totally unrelated but nyx spring stuff on AND 20% off thru sat! Get haulin baby!


    • 1/31/13 15:42 the Muse:



      • 1/31/13 15:49 Jen_M_sunshine:

        I know! Totally surprised…collection must have just gone live as wasn’t online when I checked this morning! I am shopping it up right now while my little guy naps (he,s sick)


        • 1/31/13 16:02 the Muse:

          aw I hope he feels better soon poor little guy ;(


      • 1/31/13 16:01 Jen_M_sunshine:

        Btw,also new revlon lip butter in sorbet available too!


        • 1/31/13 16:01 the Muse:

          yayyyyyyyyyyyy also new concealer from essence wa000hoo!


  • 1/31/13 16:17 Alex:

    Is it just me? I really… really hate gold oversprays. I don’t like gold much in general, but I will tolerate it just fine if it runs through a product but this whole … oh spray it and then really fine gold crap [glitter?] can linger around for a few uses. No ;; I object.


  • 1/31/13 21:09 Jay:

    I was a little bummed that the gold didn’t run through it as a shimmer. This blush was a little much on me (I had trouble blending out as well), but I think it would be stunning on darker complexions.


  • 2/1/13 1:01 HapaGirl:

    I think this looks lovely on you, Muse. It’s a nice spring-y flushed look and it complements your eyes beautifully!


    • 2/1/13 16:41 the Muse:

      aw thanks hapa <3!


  • 2/1/13 2:18 Rola:

    I saw it at Ulta, it is so pretty on you!


    • 2/1/13 9:15 the Muse:

      aw thanks rola! 😀 <3!


  • 2/1/13 18:29 Danii:

    I don’t care much for blush or for Stila, they just don’t put out products that attract me and the only blush that would look amazing on me is in the UK (sold also by Sephora but for almost $30 there! GRRR!). But since people are mentioning Ulta, I’m about to start jumping up and down like a skullfaced bunny (Yahtzee@The Escapist joke)! NYX’s new gel liner has a teal shade, and it literally has my name on it!XD I feel like NYX is trying very hard to get my money! I love the color teal, actually have teal streaks in my hair at this very second.


  • 2/1/13 23:48 Michelle:

    Is this one as sparkly as last years? It had so much glitter I looked like I should be hung from the ceiling & spinning:)


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