StriVectin Advanced Overnight Resurfacing Serum Launches On QVC

The StriVectin Advanced Overnight Resurfacing Serum launches today during QVC’s New Beauty, New Year shows.

I’m going to test this out over the next few weeks as it sounds exactly like the type of serum I could use since it addresses dullness.

Take a look!

This a gentle, leave-on resurfacing serum that helps to refine the look of uneven skin texture, dullness, and tone. It works while you sleep so your complexion appears refined and rejuvenated in the AM. It quickly dissolves dead skin cells which results in less dull, flaky skin.

Considering my own skin is dull due to dryness it sounds right on target for me.

It’s premieries today on QVC and is available for purchase now at

Expect a review and details how it worked for me in the next few weeks.

I’m always all about new skincare for the new year and this will be the first new product I test out this year so wish me luck!

What sort of new skincare products have you indulged in for the New Year?

Do share!

What do you think of this new serum?

  • 1/17/13 10:56 Jen_m_sunshine:

    Def interested to see what you think. I have been contemplating the Perricone Blue Plasma but at $95 I have been waiting. So far it is getting rave reviews and the purpose seems to be similar to the StriVectin. Also want to get the Glam glow mask but the jar is tiny! Found it on Amazon for cheaper than Sephora though – $54 vs the $69.


    • 1/17/13 10:58 the Muse:

      I’ve been considering the Blue Plasma myself….! I purchased samples of the glam glow…I was scared it would be too drying for me so thought I’d buy the $11.99 sample pack from their site before committing to full size ;D!


      • 1/17/13 11:02 Jen_m_sunshine:

        Ask for a sample of the Caudalie at Sephora as it may not be enough moisture for you if on drier side which I what I think you have said. I am combination skin and it’s amazing. I use it twice a day – love it at night with my BB Hydrating cream.

        Didn’t know I get test out the glam glow!! Thanks!! A friend here at work is interested too so will order for the both of us to test out.


        • 1/17/13 11:06 the Muse:

          will do thanks chica! yeah, on their site they offer four packs for $11.99 seems cheaper than indulging in the full $69 (or $64?). Skinstore also has it (full size) and always has 20% off so that helps if I (we) end up liking it!


          • 1/17/13 11:31 Miss D:

            Oh my gosh, I had never even heard about this blue plasma stuff till now…sounds amazing after reading a review. I’m really behind on the times!!

  • 1/17/13 10:59 Jen_m_sunshine:

    Oh forgot the one new skincare LOVE that I am using. Caudalie SOS Skin Quenching serum. AWESOME!!!!


    • 1/17/13 11:00 the Muse:

      ooo going to look that up! damn you don’t tell me about this stuff ;-D it’s January so that means I’m totes obsessed with skincare at the moment ;-D


  • 1/17/13 11:39 Melissa:

    Strivectin had a similar serum before, I bought it once and when I ran out to buy another when I ran out they discontinued it(?) because I couldn’t find it anywhere!!

    It was seriously the BEST serum I ever tried and if QVC has it, I’m jumping on that train! It literally made my skin so smooth and glow like no other. Been trying to find a replacement serum forever, and I don’t have to!


    • 1/17/13 11:40 the Muse:

      I think I know the one you mean melissa, can’t remember the name…this seems similiar!


  • 1/17/13 14:37 Kimmwc03:

    I’m intrigued by this and the Blue Plasma as well. I’ll wait for mor ereviews before buying either tho.


    • 1/17/13 14:52 the Muse:

      it was sadly raked over the coals at that’s why I didn’t indulge :-/


      • 1/17/13 15:14 Jen_m_sunshine:

        Wow, you are right about the reviews of blue plasma on qvc! Way diff than on nordys or sephoras website. Glad I have waited to shell out the $ for it and actually would only buy from someplace I could easily return if didn’t work. Will wait to see your review on this product instead!


        • 1/17/13 15:18 the Muse:

          yeah I typically go to to cure my lems as many of the ladies over there that review skincare are more mature and experienced with skincare so really like hearing what they say about stuff plus kills lemmings lol! ;-D nordstrom/sephora always pushes positive reviews first seems. qvc is actually very friendly about returns, you can use, if it doesn’t work 30 days later you return although shipping back isn’t as friendly as nordstrom/sephora :-/


  • 3/1/13 21:53 Jen_M_sunshine:

    Hey muse! What did you think of this strivectin serum? I have been waiting to buy….. Also did you try out the caudalie SOS? What did you think of glam glo?…


    • 3/4/13 9:28 the Muse:

      still testing jen so far I like 😀 glam glow I didn’t try yet (have it but didn’t use yet). haven’t tried caudalie SOS :) I’m behind I know hehe!


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