Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Fresh & Flawless Face Palette Sneak Peek

So will the Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Fresh & Flawless Face Palette give me that flawless, no makeup look I’ve been seeking? I sure hope so!

It contains just about every product you’d need for a flawless appearance that’s natural, soft, and makeup-less looking. For Spring, I think the minimal look is ideal.


Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Fresh & Flawless Face Palette is a multitasking palette with essentials for creating a “I was born with it” perfect look for daily use. It contains all the essentials and a how to get the guide for creating your no makeup look.

You get:

  • Shimmer Veil
  • Creme Blush
  • Powder Blush
  • Concealer
  • Luminizer
  • Brightener

There are actually three cards for obtaining a few different looks using the palette. The palette also features Too Faced’s new tin packaging!

It’s a $39 set and available now at Sephora, Ulta, and online at

I’m quite eager to try it. Seems like the perfect weekend companion when a softer, no nonsense look!

Review upcoming!

  • 1/14/13 13:13 PiratePigg:

    Oh great to see you’re doing a review! This palette seems a lot more conducive to those of us with super pale complexions as compared to the last one. That bronzing veil would have looks HORRIBLE on me but this seems more golden than brown, so I’m excited.


  • 1/14/13 14:03 savannah:

    It looks exactly like the too faced natural face palette. What is the difference?


    • 1/14/13 16:57 Vinnie:

      I just put this out today at work. The only difference between this palette and the Natural Face palette is the blushes. The pinker tones are more “appropriate” for Winter going into Spring, whereas the first version is more Summer geared.


  • 1/14/13 15:26 Natasha:

    Excited about this. Looks more light than the previous one.


  • 1/14/13 16:36 susannah:

    this is gorgeous but the concealer will be way too dark for me. I don’t have an issue with powders and creams together. in this case i like the pairing of a cream with powder blush to layer the colors to get longer lasting wear out of blush. the bronzer has potential since it looks to have an almost pinkish champagne tone to it. swatches please muse!!


  • 1/14/13 16:57 Dea:

    Review upcoming??? Gaaaa!! Review now!!! 😉 This looks amazing!


  • 1/14/13 18:14 stef:

    oh my this looks soooooooo gorgeous. except the concealer – one size fits all? nah


  • 1/14/13 18:55 Icequeen81:

    like it it is kind of for me


  • 4/14/13 10:27 bella:

    How to buy it????


    • 4/14/13 14:35 the Muse:

      post has all the info where it is available for sale bella. hope this helps.


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