Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream Review & Swatches

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

Today I’d like to introduce you to Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream which will launch in March for Spring 2013. Quite exciting if you ask me as I’m a huge BB Cream and Clarins fan.

Clarins doesn’t get enough good vibrations as I think folks commonly associate it with a more mature collection of makeup and skincare but please don’t write it off so quickly. They have very elegant makeup and quite effective skincare too.

You can imagine my delight when I heard they were introducing this product.

Let’s take a look!

They don’t technically market this as a BB Cream however, they do however, consider it both a skincare and makeup in one. It sadly does not have the texture of a typical Asian BB Cream but it did wriggle its way into my heart regardless.

This an oil free multitasking makeup that revitalizes tired skin, protects it, and evens it out. The first thing that I noticed about this product is the incredible fresh scent. The scent is positively delightful! Someone should make a fragrance out of this. It’s very fresh smelling!

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25

The second thing I noticed was how it really does revitalize skin. It’s basically like Clarins took my very favorite Beauty Flash Balm and added some tint to it to create their new BB Skin Perfecting Cream. Mind you the texture is completely different but the results are the same. It eases dullness and tired looking skin giving it a fresh look…like I had eight hours of sleep and about 18 gallons of water. That kinda fresh look!

I selected the Medium shade but there are Dark and Light colors available as well. Shockingly the Medium is quite dark…I say shocking because typically Clarins shades run quite cooler so I might end up needing the Light shade as this is a strong beige tan.

The texture is a thinner consistency gel which is almost watery. It offers sheer coverage but will build up to medium. One of the more astounding aspects of the cream is the fact it wears VERY strongly. You can get a 10 to 12 hour day out of a single application without it fading or oxidizing. It perfects with a sheer layer, evens out, eases dullness, and has a weightless second skin finish. With a heavier layer it’ll conceal minor issues such as redness, dark areas, and smaller acne problems.

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream Swatches

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25 Swatches

The no makeup finish is one of the things that sold me on it but in the long run I think I just love the way it looks and feels on my skin. It absorbs easily leaving behind a semi-matte finish and gives skin a fresher, radiant look.

Kiwi Extract energizes and revitalizes the skin while Katafray Bark Extract Moisturizes and comforts the skin and SPF 25 protects.

Overall, Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream is one step up from a tinted moisturizer offering medium coverage, long, strong wear, and a formula that revitalizes tired skin so if you aren’t getting your z’s and water intake in, no worries, Clarins has you covered.

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream 2

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream 3

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25 will be available March 2013 at Clarins counters nationwide and for $40.

Do get your hands on it.

Muse Approved.


This review contains a sample
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  • 2/14/13 19:07 Ayen:

    Oooo! Me likey! I got this 10$ gift card from wrapp,will def get this one!


    • 2/15/13 10:55 the Muse:

      yay! that breaks it down to $30 so much nicer than $40 hehe!


  • 2/14/13 19:37 Petitez:

    I’ve always preferred BB cream. Is this worth trying or better than BB cream?


  • 2/15/13 1:41 blueraccoon:

    My only fear is if the medium is this dark, the light may not be light enough for me :( Why can’t they have a ‘Fair’ color? I’ll have to swatch it at counter and hope.


  • 2/15/13 8:19 Denise:

    Thanks for reviewing this. I am DEFINITELY going to have to check this out!


    • 2/15/13 11:56 the Muse:

      my pleasure denise 😀


  • 2/15/13 8:38 casey23:

    Muse, I must say I love how you always put the ingredients list in your reviews you help me a lot in my shoppings!!


    • 2/15/13 13:03 the Muse:

      aw happy to hear it :)


  • 2/15/13 9:06 Christina:

    I just got a tube of this the other night – I love it! But yes, the colors are quite dark; even Light is a bit dark for me (at least right now). I just use a light powder over it and it lightens it up.


    • 2/15/13 11:50 the Muse:

      christina I really need to check out the light myself…I was surprised clarins is normally lighter with their shades!


  • 2/15/13 10:47 kimkats:

    Wow – that really IS dark!! Looks very nice tho – I’ve recently become a fan of clarins myself, so I’ll have to check this out! Thanks for the review and the heads up on the colors!


    • 2/15/13 10:57 the Muse:

      it is!!!!!!!!! I’m surprised as Clarins is typically cooler shade wise. I have to check the light when it launches ;-D my pleasure kim!


  • 2/15/13 11:38 Lisa:

    If that’s medium then I bet even the light color will be too dark for me!


    • 2/15/13 11:43 the Muse:

      lisa I’m gonna try and get the light and swatch!


  • 2/15/13 11:42 Goldilokks:

    Clarins is getting more love lately! The Courtin-Clarins girls have more input into the brand now, expanding and modernizing it, giving it a bit of a youthful makeover…in both skincare and color collections. Yay! The SPF 25 in this is great but I’ve seen the “light” shade and it’s waaaay too dark for paler skins :-( Asia is getting Clarins UV Plus HP BB cream SPF 40 in just one shade, which is not the same as Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection Tint SPF 40. Hopefully the brand will phase out some things too. Clarins has soooo many products. It’s a bit overwhelming!


  • 2/15/13 13:30 Leslie:

    Wow, is this the FIRST muse-approved BB Cream that is (well, will be) widely available in the US? I use the Skin 79 cream on your recommendation, but I might just have to check this out!


    • 2/15/13 13:41 the Muse:

      hehe noooo I think I muse Approved Bobbi Brown’s too hehe and Dior’s 😀 both available here! But yeah, it is shocking for me to review a BB Cream available here and like it. Gotta say this isn’t really a traditional BB Cream texture but it sure does have plenty to love about it!


  • 2/15/13 13:36 Sarah:

    Oh my goodness Muse I love you – did I say that out loud??? I’ve been stalking this product, literally checking daily for its release – and its just been released at!! I’m so happy you swatched the medium bc Im gonna have to go light with this one…SO EXCITED!!!!


    • 2/15/13 13:40 the Muse:

      aw shucks thanks sarah 😀 <3! I’m so glad you’re excited. LMK what you think when it arrives?! I need to see what the light looks like as this one was a shy too dark.


  • 2/15/13 14:12 Meghan:

    I need to check this out if it wears that well and looks like skin! I only worry the fair shade will be too dark, especially if you say the medium is too dark for you!


    • 2/15/13 14:18 the Muse:

      meghan shades are a shy off for me, they seem to run dark, gonna check out the light, hopefully that’s a bit better ;D


  • 2/15/13 14:13 Libby:

    Based on your review, definitely getting it when it releases! (Honestly, I was halfway through your review and already I was thinking, MACYS TRIP until I saw that it’s not out till March xD).

    Hm, I’m not sure if I’ll need the Medium even though I always opt for a Medium (I’m about NC35-40) but it does look quite tan. Maybe I can sheer it out a bit. Clarins is one of my favorite brands!

    Thanks so much for the review, Muse!


    • 2/15/13 14:41 the Muse:

      aw awesome libby happy to hear it. Some folks said it was already on counter so you might want to call and ask. mmm nc35-40 might be a shy dark but should def sheer out easily. My pleasure I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I hope you’ll update me and let me know what you think!


  • 2/15/13 18:01 Joan:

    I can’t wait to try it. From your description of the scent, I can’t wait to smell it! LOL
    It’s on Macy’s website. I called the closest Macy’s, but they don’t have it in store yet. I don’t feel like paying $9.95 for shipping, so I’ll wait unless Nordstrom’s gets it, their shipping is free no minimum.


  • 2/15/13 22:00 Comrade Garlic:

    You had me at Beauty Flash Balm. I love that stuff.


  • 2/16/13 3:12 Veronica:

    Like the Dior Snow version, I think this falls into the category of “too dark and too yellow” for my skin tone. I’m usually the lightest shade in foundation ranges and much cooler-toned than most run. It’s a shame, too, because I’d love to try one of these! I generally wear tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation, so a BB cream wound be the perfect middle ground. Opening up the shade range to be more inclusive (both lighter and darker) is the next step to really letting these take off, IMO.


  • 2/16/13 3:24 christi:

    Why can’t they make a fair shade!? Ugh. The light will def be too dark, that medium is way too dark for u! Guess I’ll stick with my (plethora of) Korean Bb’s. Lol.


  • 2/17/13 12:28 Efrain:

    In Mexico this has already been launched I tested the medium and dark; and I think dark is a better match in my medium tan skin with golden-yellow undertones(nc40-42) since medium runs pinker and dark is yellower. (If I can I’ll try to send you swatches)


  • 2/17/13 14:08 nims:

    This looks great, thanks for the review! I am debating between this and the new shiseido BB. It would be really helpful if you could review Shiseido’s.



  • 2/17/13 21:36 Shana:

    Which do you prefer Urban Decay bb cream or Clarins?


    • 2/18/13 9:35 the Muse:

      Urban Decay is a very different product Shana can’t really compare the two or pick a favorite, both are equally great :)


      • 2/18/13 11:47 Shana:

        Is more matte than the other? What makes the two different? Ive been thinking about getting Clarins bb cream but have the UD bb cream. THANKS


  • 3/5/13 19:11 Annie:

    I got a sample of shade 01 which is surprisingly dark and peachy toned! Strange as its the lightest shade for this product. I am normally between Sand and Honey in Clarins foundations. It seems there are no options for very fair skin in the bb cream! It is probably not super dark for me but the tone won’t work I’m afraid. I did get a sample of Skin Illusion liquid foundation which is absolutely stunning! I like it more than Everlasting, much more natural looking. I bought the skin illusion powder in sand based on your recommendation and it is so nice even though I usually go for fuller coverage. Both skin illusion foundations contain algae ingredients though which are supposedly a no-no for acne prone skin so fingers crossed they work out for me. I might try the bb cream when I run out to the grocery store in a bit in hopes it might work somehow :-p


  • 3/21/13 0:24 CrystalCandy:

    I have the Light and the Dark shades, and I was surprised to see how dark the Light shade is. I haven’t tried it yet but I think it will be just fine for my NC37 skintone. o_O I was going to mix both shades depending if I’m tan or not, but I think I will never use the dark shade. lol


    • 3/21/13 11:01 the Muse:

      I was shocked too! Especially for Clarins who typically run lighter with their foundations.


  • 4/14/13 2:32 Claudine:

    They dont have this in Asia but we have the clarins BB Cream perfecting cream high protection 40 spf.

    What’s the difference? They say this B Cream is made for asians only.

    But i love it. Aftering hearing about their bb cream I rushed to the store and bought it :)


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