Lavshuca Spring 2013 Collection

Lavshuva Spring 2013

I’m starting to get excited about the Lavshuca Spring 2013 Collection! It launched earlier this month in Japan and I’ve been waiting for my shipment to come in after asking a friend to snag me a few pieces.

I’m hopeful it’ll arrive this week as it kinda has a Valentine’s Day vibe to it!

Take a peek!

Lavshuca has been a tad repetitive lately so I was quite delighted that Spring they released something quite different.

The Candy Pop Shadow look quite adorable and have a variety of finishes including, rare in Japanese drugstore brands, matte!


Here’s the low down.

Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow

Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow

Lavshuca Spring 2013 1

Lavshuca Sweet Perfume Cheek
A loose blush powder with a sweet lollipop scent.

Lavshuca Spring 2013 2

Lavshuca Flower Nectar Gloss
Moisturizing gloss that contains silk, scarlet sage extract and sweet almond oil.

Lavshuca Spring 2013 3

Lavshuca Perfect Gloss N SPF21 PA+
An lip balm with hyaluronic acid, silk, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.

Lavshuca Spring 2013 6

Lavshuca Jelly Pot Essence
Deeply hydrating lip jelly that contains sunflower oil, silk, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil.

Lavshuca Spring 2013

If you’re interested I’d check up with to grab these goodies (they aren’t available yet but will be soonish I’m sure).

I’m not affiliated with Adam but shopped with him before. His English is amazing but he gets by and he’s super fast to ship, efficient, and affordable (his prices aren’t as jacked up as some online stores).

  • 2/12/13 13:39 Tammie:

    I might have to get the last 3 items, especially the last 2 lip care ones. I really like the Nivea lip butters that came out recently but they aren’t the greatest for overnight so I am still looking for something for that.


    • 2/12/13 13:44 the Muse:

      oh I haven’t tried them yet, can’t find them! they seemed like just the treat for PM wear too :(


      • 2/12/13 13:55 Tammie:

        Boo, I’ll have to keep an eye open for them…hopefully they’ll turn up online somewhere for a decent price.


        • 2/12/13 14:12 the Muse:

          that’s absurd gosh! :( plus it is 30% at most drugstores so deduct 30% from the 787 yen! Seriously, highway robbery! if I didn’t already order my stuff I’d have gotten my friend to get it for you!


          • 2/12/13 14:33 Tammie:

            Yeah it’s totally crazy! And don’t worry about it, hopefully once Adambeauty gets it in or it’s more available on eBay (so the prices will be more competitive) I can find it for at least closer to retail.

          • 2/14/13 15:34 the Muse:

            It def will! I can’t believe how awful the jack up is :-/

      • 2/12/13 14:05 Tammie:

        Do you know what the yen price is for the Jelly Pot Essence? I found it on eBay but it’s like $17 >.>


        • 2/12/13 14:10 the Muse:

          787 DO NOT pay $17 USD for it. that’s absurd. keep checking with betty ( or Adam OR (she’s SOMETIMES negotiable) but not $17 bucks that’s rape.


        • 2/12/13 14:11 the Muse:
  • 2/12/13 14:56 Kiss & Make-up:

    The scented cheek powder looks interesting… :-)


  • 2/13/13 3:26 sai:

    i want every one of them lol
    can’t wait them to be available in HK


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