Maybelline Clean Express The Flash Clean Makeup Removing Lotion Review

Maybelline Clean Express The Flash Clean Makeup Removing Lotion

Maybelline introduced a slew of new Clean Express Makeup Removers this Spring one of which is their new The Flash Clean Makeup Removing Lotion.

Having had great success with some of the other cleansers in this collection I decided to purchase The Flash Clean for those days I want remove my makeup in a hurry and just get to bed.

Take a peek!

Maybelline Clean Express The Flash Clean Makeup Removing Lotion is a thicker yet watery white cream makeup remover. To use it you can apply a small amount on a cotton pad and swipe it across your face and eyes to remove makeup. There’s no need to rinse afterwards as this acts as not only a remover but also has a hydrating formula that leaves skin soft and smooth after use. It has a delicate fresh floral scent that’s very pleasant. Maybelline also suggests using it by rubbing it in with fingers or hands versus a cotton pad. I personally find the cotton pad the easier method as either way you’ll be swiping it off so might as well start out with a cotton pad to begin with rather than follow up with it later.

I find the texture delightful. It’s creamy yet watery and leaves my skin delicately hydrated after use. Not so much that I need to skip my moisturizer mind you but nice enough that I’m not feeling tacky or sticky or even tight after using this.

The bottle claims it removes waterproof mascara as well as blush, eyeshadow, etc..basically your entire face. I think it does a good job for a quick clean up but does not do as good a job as a cleansing oil or lathering cleanser. It doesn’t break up waterproof mascara very well so in the AM I’m left with raccoon eyes if I used it the night before to take off my eye makeup. It does remove basic makeup so really it is a “express cleaning” type of product. Mandom Cleansing Water does a far better job but isn’t as easy to locate in the US.

This one I’m a little wishy washy on. It’s only $5 dollars a bottle at Harmons so perhaps for really quickie clean ups when you’re getting in after a super long night this might prove great. However, definitely not for daily use.

Tried it?

Any of the Clean Express Collection that you like?

I personally liked the Waterproof Eye Makeup remover myself! Good stuff!

Maybelline Clean Express The Flash Clean Makeup Removing Lotion 2


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  • 2/27/13 17:43 Lauren:

    How does this compare to Cetaphil cleansing lotion?


    • 2/28/13 10:52 the Muse:

      I’ve never used it sorry Lauren


    • 1/15/14 17:04 Cat:

      Lauren, it works better. The Cetaphil takes off the first layer but I find myself using a washcloth and a second application to get all the residue off my face. I don’t really have that problem with Maybelline, unless I went out and I have a lot of eye makeup on. But for every day wear, it’s perfect!


  • 2/27/13 19:35 isabella:

    tried the non waterproof, worked well for me. But didn’t really take off Infallible eyeliner. But I liked that it doesn’t have the oily feel that the Lancome has, but the Lancome takes off more. Guess that’s the trade off


  • 2/27/13 20:03 Nantajit:

    3 words — I need this!!! Thank Muse! 😉


    • 2/28/13 9:21 the Muse:

      my pleasure :)


  • 2/28/13 1:41 Fuu:

    I found out that my favorite Japanese gel make-up remover was discontinued, and need a new remover soon. I will check this out! Especially if you can use it without a cotton pad.


  • 2/28/13 15:40 Iris:

    I think I’ll be trying this for my eye makeup and the hard to remove waterproof lip stain I have.


  • 3/2/13 14:34 Trina:

    I wonder if this is a dupe for lancomes galatee confort cleanser…When I run out Im definitely checking this one out :))


  • 3/17/13 11:13 Samantha:

    I use my fingers to rub it into my skin and eye area and then wipe it off with a damp washcloth. I then use my normal cleanser afterwards. I love this stuff! If you’re just using a pad to wipe over your eyes, maybe try using your fingers and working it in more? I get about 90-95% of my eye makeup off using that method, and then use a QTip dipped in my Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover to take off the little bit left at the lash line.


  • 6/22/14 11:51 Tiffany:

    I found this to be one of the best makeup removers that I’ve ever used. I use a lot of very waterproof makeup. And this stuff eats through my waterproof mascara like nobodys business. I’ve never had a drugstore product work this well at removing my makeup. I would honestly say that in my 17 years as a makeup artist…this has to be in the Top 5 makeup removers that I’ve ever used.


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