Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Foundation Review & Swatches

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Foundation

Tarte has a brand new Today’s Special Value on QVC today that comes with Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Foundation (swatches of all the shades after the jump). Launched earlier last year this foundation has made an appearance in a QVC Today’s Special Value before so if you love it now is your time to lock into to value as it typically retails for $38 per tube and today you can get it and five other full size products for $59 at QVC.com.

I remember originally trying this and not really liking it. It was Summer at the time. I’m happy that it was re-brought to my attention with this set because the weather is cooler now, my face drier, and I can actually appreciate the moisturizing formula where as in the Summer I disliked it and felt it made my skin oily.

Take a peek!

This is available in five shade selections. Typically a tube is $38 but with the QVC Today’s Special Value you can get it and several extras for $59. I’m a little intimidated by sets that include foundation as I’m fearful I’ll not be able to use all that foundation before the next shipment comes.

The good news is you can purchase the set once OR if you have the option to get the set (with new seasonal colors) in two more shipments. I like Tarte only has it available two more times. I’ve sealed into foundation/powder specials that would arrive three to four more times and that was overkill! Eep! Three full size foundations is still a lot of product but considerably more do-able than four or even five more.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Broad Spectrum SPF 15 is typically available on Tarte’s site in eight shades however, you’ll have five to choose from in the Today’s Special Value. Those being Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep.

This comes in a squeeze tube which is easy to use without squeezing too much out. The consistency of the foundation is a whipped up style cream. It’s creamy, rich, and quite pigmented so you can get sheer to medium coverage out of this. As I mentioned above I didn’t like it when I tried it originally. It was a warm Summer and it felt terribly heavy and oily on my skin. It is indeed quite moisturizing. I admit the whipped consistency is misleading since you automatically assume such a formula would be more matte. But actually, it has a tricky morphing technique which starts whipped, dissipates and starts to become creamy and hydrating, and dries down to a soft, satiny finish that’s semi-matte. The foundation almost seems to have a built in primer as the pores around my nose disappear as I blend. I apply with my fingers but Tarte includes their Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush for application. The name in fact applies exactly what the brush does for the foundation, it gives a beautiful airbrushed appearance. Pure flawlessness.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Foundation Swatches

Medium, Light, Fair

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Broad Spectrum Foundation Swatches

Deep and Tan

Wear time is iffy for me, I don’t get the full 12 hours out of this, more like four to five before it starts to fade. Could be my drier skin…so I imagine results will vary.

Overall, for Winter wearing I like it. The consistency is beautiful to work with and blend, coverage is excellent, the weightless, flawless finish is brilliant. It’s a very nice foundation product. As for Summer wear…might be a little much for me but who knows you may love it.

It’s available now in the QVC Today’s Special Value at QVC.com or buy it alone at Tarte.com

Tried it?

Love it?

Do share your user experiences with Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation!


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  • 2/5/13 9:56 yelena:

    jeez i ordered tan becuz they were out of the medium but now i’m second guessing it. hmmm…what shade are u muse?


    • 2/5/13 9:57 the Muse:

      i kinda feel in between medium and and light. medium is too dark and light is too light…so a little smidge of medium mixed with light seems good for me.


      • 2/5/13 9:58 the Muse:

        ps don’t second guess the tan, I THINK it should be ok….it’s not as dark as you would think!


        • 2/5/13 10:03 yelena:

          thanks muse! can’t wait to receive these! esp after seeing the lippie on u! 😀


          • 2/5/13 10:04 the Muse:

            the lippie is gorg, possibly the best part of the set imho ;-D enjoy! update me when it arrives, love to hear what you think!

  • 2/5/13 9:57 yelena:

    the “deep” seems to be darker than both the medium and tan so now i’m really confused.


    • 2/5/13 10:05 the Muse:

      sorry that’s b/c I labeled wrong…..it should be deep and tan ;-D all corrected!


      • 2/5/13 10:32 yelena:

        no problem! i should be fine with tan then 😀


  • 2/5/13 10:30 Rebecca:

    Could you please review the new It Cosmetics liquid foundation? I have never bought foundation online and I’m not sure about this.


  • 2/5/13 10:39 AnniLau:

    Those color swatches all look really orangey. And SPF 15 is pointless.


  • 2/5/13 10:56 Debster:

    Did you notice any oxidation with the foundation? I do like how the fair looks. I should see if I can find this at Ulta or sephora and swatch it there.


    • 2/5/13 10:59 the Muse:

      no, not at all, just fades after hour four/five for me debster. no issues with oxidizing thankfully!


  • 2/5/13 11:05 blueraccoon:

    I’m a little worried about the foundation being too much for me and my oily skin :( Any thoughts Muse?


    • 2/5/13 11:06 the Muse:

      mmmmmm I read quite a few comments when this originally released and many oily skin users liked it blue. It has a semi-matte, satiny dry down, starts off moisturizing but goes more matte as you blend, might just be ok. Are you super oily?


      • 2/5/13 11:07 blueraccoon:

        No, not super oily, more combo, I think. I get shiny on my forehead and my chin by the end of the day though. Hmm…this may be a good deal for me, then…*ponders*


        • 2/5/13 12:31 the Muse:

          I have an oily forehead, around the nose area in the Summer and I thought it was too heavy but a few others said they felt the finish was ideal for their oily skin I guess it is debatable ;-D


  • 2/5/13 12:06 Shelby:

    I hated this foundation, I tried it last spring. It’s so weirdly thick and I couldn’t get it to not look cakey no matter what I used. It’s the only product I’ve ever brought back to Sephora, I’m usually very thorough with my research.


    • 2/5/13 15:46 Lauren:

      I have this foundation and found that it has a learning curve. A steep one. I actually think that the included brush is really helpful in getting it to apply right. The ONLY way that works for me is to apply a small amount to the back of my hand, dip the brush in the foundation, dab it on my face and then blend it in. Then add a bit more around the rest of my face. I then top it with some powder to set because I have oily skin.


  • 2/5/13 12:16 Lauren:

    My face is warm but I have a bit of redness, would this look too unnatural? It seems like both of the lighter colors are too yellow toned :(


    • 2/5/13 12:27 the Muse:

      I’m not sure lauren as I don’t know anything else about your tone aside from redness? it’ll conceal redness and look natural if that helps?


      • 2/5/13 16:16 Lauren:

        I’m mostly warm toned, but fair, I have mild rosacea and i’ve found that products that are too yellow toned just look terrible on me even though they might cancel out some redness.


  • 2/5/13 13:46 Francie:

    I’ve used this foundation for a while. It’s been great for my drier skin and (fair) is a perfect color match because I’m super pale. Love it!


  • 2/5/13 15:06 Sue:

    The Tan looks lighter than Medium? I’m typically in-between light and medium. The light looks too light. Would Tan be too dark since they’re out of medium?


  • 2/5/13 15:08 Sue:

    Just checked and they do have the medium, oops. Anyway….is the medium too dark if you fall in-between light/medium?


    • 2/5/13 15:12 the Muse:

      I’m in between the light/medium so had to mix the two shades sue.


      • 2/5/13 15:28 Sue:

        Thank you Muse :)


        • 2/5/13 15:29 the Muse:

          my pleasure I didn’t really help much 😀 it’s difficult to rec a shade on the computer ;-D good luck!


  • 2/5/13 15:39 Kathleen:

    Is it just me or does tan look lighter than medium? I thought it went fair, light, medium, tan, deep.


    • 2/5/13 15:42 the Muse:

      I didn’t swatch them in order sorry Kathleen. it should be fair, light, medium, but I swatched medium, light, fair, and the photo mirrored, should have put them on my arm in reverse order apologies.


      • 2/5/13 16:00 Kathleen:

        No, your swatches are fine, beautiful even! I am referring to the color of the tan as opposed to the color of the medium. Maybe that is because the fan has more yellow undertones but the medium has pink?


        • 2/5/13 16:05 the Muse:

          aw thanks but sometimes the lighting is bad…I don’t think medium has pink undertones or at least I don’t see them. perhaps I swatched it heavier than tan?


  • 2/5/13 15:55 Olivia:

    I’m between an nc20/25. I’m also stuck between light and medium! I’m scared medium will be too dark or light too light lol. Which one would you recommend?


    • 2/5/13 16:06 the Muse:

      both lol because that’s about my problem is. medium was too dark and light was too pasty for me…you might want to head into light with an nc20-25 as medium might be too dark and dulling. light should be good.


  • 2/5/13 16:15 Olivia:

    I’m considering getting the light set from qvc then. If its too light I can always add a bit of bronzer, I HATE buying 2 foundations to mix!! Lol mainly because I’m lazy and I don’t want to spend the money. >.<
    Thanks! You seriously review just about anything I'm looking for. Love your reviews!!


    • 2/5/13 16:19 the Muse:

      i don’t blame you, you shouldn’t have to buy two either, absurd to do so. I think the light should be a ok! Aw thanks!!!!!!!!!!! <3!


      • 2/6/13 13:13 JCauth:

        I have very oily skin and it works well, though oil does break through. Not really moisturizing nor absorbent. I like the color(light) and medium-heavy coverage- it definitely looks best if you apply it with the brush. One of the only foundations I’ve found with only physical sunscreen, so that’s a big plus ’cause I use it near my eyes and mouth with no irritation


        • 2/6/13 13:31 the Muse:

          thanks jc! very helpful :)


  • 6/29/13 18:59 dawdaw:

    I kinda like a semi-dewy look and my skin is super dry between/around my eyebrows, on my forehead, and nose. I’m pretty light skinned and most combo/normal skin foundations aren’t hydrating as much as I would like, do you think this would work?


  • 8/29/13 22:22 jessica:

    does it cover acne ? like is it full coverage ?


    • 9/25/13 11:23 lola:

      yes, it is full coverage!


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