If You Have An iPad Mini You NEED This!

Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set

I had a friend bring me back the Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set for my iPad Mini from Japan recently. I admit I was too cheap to pay the jacked up prices for it here in the US as it runs $35-$40. Hello? Crazy jack up price.

Anyway, if you have an iPad Mini YOU NEED IT! Best matte protector evers. There are tons of screen protectors around but there aren’t many matte ones and the ones we do have are a poorer fit. This is a perfect fit with a matte finish.

I didn’t want to pay the $35 as I mentioned but honestly, it’s well worth that price tag (I paid $20 directly from Japan) and if I need a replacement I now won’t hesitate to grab it.

Tis my tech rec of the day!

  • 3/15/13 10:57 Cj:

    I can’t do matte protectors, they make the screen look grainy n snowy. I always go with glossy 😀 good thing to cause I dropped my mini last month and I have a huge scratch on the protector, still too afraid to peel it off and see if it scratches the actual mini lol


    • 3/15/13 11:13 the Muse:

      the glossy is kinda like not using the protector at all :-/ too many finger prints ;-D like the matte because fingerprints just slide it off ;-D oh no :( I actually dropped a coffee cup on mine and it scratched up my protector but thankfully not the screen!!!!!!!


  • 3/15/13 11:23 Pamela:

    That looks really great. It certainly photographed well. Where can you find it stateside? Amazon?

    I actually have a Nexus 7 but I’ve been thinking about getting some sort of protector. I already have a great Dodo hardcover for it (dodocase.com) but that doesn’t protect the screen from smears.


    • 3/15/13 12:16 the Muse:

      amazon does sell it I believe :) and evilbay of course! I hate smears with a passion 😀


  • 3/15/13 12:07 ashleyTIA:

    Thanks for the tip, Muse! I got a mini for Christmas and love it. Do you have a case recommendation? I wish Kate Spade would come out with a case for the mini. : )


  • 3/15/13 16:44 Wendy:

    Awesome! I just got my ipad mini last week….loves it.


    • 3/15/13 16:49 the Muse:

      hey Wendy! yay! welcome to the ipad mini world ;-D


  • 3/15/13 17:47 Christine:

    I prefer not using screen protectors on my devices but I do like the matte ones. I use too many cases on the regular so screen protectors are more of a hassle for me.

    BTW, I love the Doctor Who wallpaper! That’s one of my favorite images :) I’m a huge Whovian myself 😀


  • 3/15/13 18:56 Tammie:

    Yep for both my phone and my iPad mini I have matte screen protectors, I REALLY hate glare and fingerprints haha. I just get the cheapo ones in like 3-5 packs off of eBay though because I am so anal about applying it right I need a few extra just in case…


  • 3/16/13 4:18 Mina:

    Got an ipad mini myself. Searched for a good case with a cute design but I always either had to choose between style and the actual fit on the mini. I found a really cute Hello Kitty cover in a street market in Hong Kong which only cost me $10 and the fit on the mini was really perfect :) I also opted for the matte cover as I really hate the finger smudging bit. :)


  • 3/16/13 8:47 Michou:

    I just had to pop in and say how much I love the wallpaper on your ipad. DOCTOR WHOOOOOOOOOO!


    • 6/17/13 16:47 the Muse:

      hehe thanks girl ;D


  • 3/16/13 23:12 Christina:

    If you are looking for a good matte protector that you can easily get in the US try the Moshi Anti Glare/Anti Fingerprint screen protector. It is awesome, totally can’t mess up installation with bubbles and its reusable . Just thought I would throw that out there for those who can’t get it from japan easily!

    Love your site :)


  • 11/27/13 3:29 Diane:

    I don’t use a screen protecter. I have a red Belkin quilted case that I LOVE, but I ptefer my phone & tablet screens to be naked. :)


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