Kose Hada Skin Rhythm Moisturizing Lotion Review

Kose Hada Skin Rhythm Moisturizing Lotion

Kose Hada Skin Rhythm Moisturizing Lotion might be familiar to you considering I recently reviewed and raved the moisturizing skin cream that pairs up with this.

Commonly Asian brands dub essence or toners as a “lotion” but this is actually an essence so don’t be confused by the title. It was created to be used prior to the Hada Rhythm Moisturizing Cream. Since I loved the moisturizing cream so much I thought the essence was a necessary purchase.

Take a look!

Bad purchase. I didn’t LOVE the lavender scent of the moisturizing cream but it was bearable however, I can’t say the same for this lotion! It stinks. It’s a lavender herbal scent which is quite comforting at first sniff but it kinda goes incense-y on me after application and the smell just lingers…..Mmm no likey!

Outside of that the product is actually good but dealing with this fragrance is something I can’t cope with so I don’t see a repurchase in my future.

The lotion was created to be used prior to the moisturizing cream. It’s a thinner liquid that sort of resembles argan oil. The bottle it comes in is a chore to use as it’s a hard plastic you can’t squeeze so you have to shake the product into the palms of your hands which proves messy at times.

Kose developed it to use as a night treatment as it helps to restore moisture to skin as you sleep. Royal Jelly Extra moisturizes skin while Hyaluronic Acid helps to seal that moisture in.

Supposedly they created it with several different kinda of fragrance oils such as lemon, chamomile, lavender, etc…and that’s what gives it the stronger scent. In the cream it comes across herbally and relaxing but in the lotion it just doesn’t smell nearly as good and goes incense-y on me.

To apply you’ll simply squeeze a small amount into your hands and pat it onto your skin, allow it to absorb, and follow up with the moisturizer. The moisturizer is incredible and really softens skin while de-flaking and attacking patchier, drier areas. In conjunction with the essense/lotion (whatever you prefer calling it) it works double duty to really soften skin.

It’s an excellent product overall so long as you can get over the fragrance.

As for me, I wouldn’t recommend it for those sensitive to scented skincare. I rarely meet a fragranced beauty product that I don’t like but in this case I can honestly say, avoid it, the fragrance is overkill! And if you must try it go with the moisturizing cream versus the lotion.

It’s available at Imomoko.com


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  • 3/23/13 1:10 Christi:

    I think I’m gonna try this! Thanks for the review. Btw, speaking of Asian skincare products, have u ever tried skII skincare? I just got a few of their products, including the famous facial essence, skin signature cream, toner, and facial lifting emulsion, and I am loving them all! Expensive, but totally worth it!


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