Mark Exotic Hues Eye Shadow Trio Review & Swatches

Mark Exotic Hues Eye Shadow Trio Spring 2013

This is a really early peek of the new Mark Exotic Hues Eye Shadow Trio ($14) that’s launching with the Mark Marrakesh Collection this May.

I enjoyed it so much I thought I’d give you the deets a little early.

Take a peek!

I’m absolutely a mush for baked eyeshadows so I’m all happy-like about the Mark Exotic Hues Eye Shadow Trio that contains three of ’em!

This tiny palette contains three shimmering baked shadows which can be used wet or dry and a dual sided applicator for application. Gotta admit the applicator is rubbish so BYOB (bring your own brushes) when applying! I really liked the trio because these are wearable shades for a holiday in a warmer environment and the palette is so tiny it’ll travel well and easily with you.

Mark Exotic Hues Eye Shadow Trio

Mark Exotic Hues Eye Shadow Trio Swatches

Colors include a bright buttery yellow, bronze, and a shimmering dark golden olive. The colors all had excellent pigmentation with a hint of shimmer and virtually no fall out during application. They do run a tad powdery and kick up a bit of powder when a brush is swirled in them but they aren’t chalky in the least. The texture is smooth, soft, and blends easily onto lids and the shades work excellent together without creating a muddy mess.

Mark Exotic Hues Eye Shadow Trio Face of the Day

Mark Exotic Hues Eye Shadow Trio FOTD

I do recommend a good primer as the colors fade and lose some of their intensity within a three to four hour period. Primer will keep them looking fresh and bold.

Overall, a most excellent little palette. But Mark, hear me out, a little shave off on the price would make this Muse a happy one. $14 is an ickle high…perhaps $8…maybe $9…deal?

This launches in May at


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  • 3/26/13 18:59 Tigrrrl:

    Hey Muse, check out the resemblance:

    Only available in the UK right now, but I’m willing to bet they’ll eventually show up here…and at Rimmel’s usual reasonable prices. Now if they’d just hurry up and send over the Apocalips lip color I’m hearing so much about… :) I wish Superdrug shipped to the US, darn it!


    • 3/27/13 9:14 the Muse:

      hey tigrrrl I actually blogged those a while ago :) I was hoping we’d get them by now but no such luck! I wish superdrug and boots shipped to the US too I’d be broke hehe!


      • 3/27/13 10:52 Tigrrrl:

        That makes two of us, Muse…the last thing I need is more places to spend money on makeup!


        • 3/27/13 10:58 the Muse:

          LOL ;-D I know right?


  • 3/26/13 19:13 carrie:

    The bronze.and green are calling my name! I love greens…especially olive tones. Bring out the green eyes


  • 3/26/13 19:21 amy:

    Sooo pretty, especially for those with brown eyes, and warmer coloring. The olive would work for me, and *maybe* the yellow, but I just can’t do bronze. Perhaps if i went back to my natural haircolor (auburn), it could work, but I have no plans to do that any time soon. It is tempting, though.


  • 3/26/13 22:46 Sara:

    Wow that’s pretty intense pigmentation for baked stuff! Or at least in my experience with baked shadows they usually aren’t these pigmented!


  • 3/27/13 11:27 Sara:

    I agree with you, those colors and the pigment is fantastic! However, $14 is pretty steep. I really like the Mark makeup, but I find I’m drawing to the Avon brand prices more than Mark prices. I just bought one of the Mark 9 eyeshadow “on the dot” palettes (came with lip gloss and felt tip eyeliner) for $12 on clearance. They have great pigment too, and at $12 I can handle the price!


    • 3/27/13 11:30 the Muse:

      i’m alwys a little shocked mark isn’t cheaper as their demographic is younger than avon’s yet avon’s prices are cheaper than mark, so odd right?


      • 3/27/13 12:45 amy:

        The Avon demographic is older, but because older women tend to have less disposable income (in general) due to kids, the tendency to save, etc, so we typically buy the “basics” & are more conservative in our spending on the “extras” (again, overall-there are obviously exceptions). Younger women (and men) tend to follow more trends, and if you think about who MAC, UD, Too Faced, Benefit, etc market to, you’ll see they market to the “younger” set, who are obviously willing to pay those prices, so mark is just capitalizing on that fact, and if they can get more money, they will.

        What I find interesting, though, is back when I was a teen, we weren’t so eager to pay these prices, and instead spent our money on higher-priced clothing & shoes, and brands were more important than they are now. I guess with all the smaller stores popping up everywhere, all with the same products, it’s more financially sound to invest in higher-end makeup.


        • 3/27/13 13:12 the Muse:

          i always think of it in reverse sometimes, as younger girls don’t always have money to splurge on higher end and are looking for a budget pick :) but yeah, makes sense either way you round it out 😀 older or younger we are all looking for a deal hehe!


  • 3/27/13 11:50 LINDARRAGNAR:

    Muse this little trio makes your eyes look HUGE!!!! Those colors look good and make your eyes look so brown like a doe 😉


    • 3/27/13 12:02 the Muse:

      aw thanks Linda <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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