Remove Candle Wax from Your Candle Jars and Create Something Beautiful

Bath & Body Works Caribbean Escape Candle

Dear Maureen,

Y u the most amazing reader evers on Musings of a Muse?

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k, bye.

da Muse

Today I got an odd tweet from Maureen saying she got some of the new Lush Easter Bombs and proceeding to tweet me that she pops BBW Candles in the freezer and stores Lush Bombs in ’em.

I had no idea what this crazy girl was babbling about. Eh? What? freezer? bath bombs? Who?

But this women is a genius.

Behold what she found on the Internetz!

So you got a BBW candle and there’s only a tiny little wax in there. You burned that sucker down until you can’t burns it no more. This tutorial is a quick way to learn how to quickly remove that wax and create a lovely canister to store your cotton balls in, beauty bits and bobs, or in Maureen’s case she smartly stores Lush Bath Bombs in them!

Click here to view the tutorial.

And here’s what a BBW Candle looks like after the wax is removed:

Candle Jar

I’m not a crafty person and I honestly have thrown out empty candles before and would have never even though about doing this. Thanks Maureen for sharing.

Brilliant idea!

  • 3/28/13 15:45 Rads: are just awesome…and you do have the most awesome readers too (guess that makes me awesome too 😀 :D). Thanks for sharing…and thank you so much, Maureen :) :)


    • 3/28/13 15:48 the Muse:

      YES that makes you awesome too! I have the best readers on the internet! clever, funny, sweet, and always making me laugh you guys rock ;-D My pleasure, she tweeted it and I didn’t understand what she was trying to tell me, showed me the tutorial and I was LIKE OH HELL I need to do that ;-D


  • 3/28/13 15:46 Nikkia:

    I love recycling candle jars!! I started doing this last year and use the jars for brushes, cotton balls, and other random odds and ends!! :-)


    • 3/28/13 15:47 the Muse:

      I’m a completely idiot I’ve never done this! I’m totally doing it now especially using for brushes ;-D great idea!


  • 3/28/13 16:28 McKenzie:

    Hi Muse! I am a long-time reader, first-time commenter. Just wanted to chime in a say that the three wick candles from Bath + Body Works are the perfect size to hold lipsticks. I keep my MAC lipsticks in one, labels facing up – it holds about twelve or thirteen and looks adorable.


    • 3/28/13 16:45 the Muse:

      HA more good news thanks mckenzie :) I was thinking brushes but lipsticks, hell that’s good too! thanks dear :)


  • 3/28/13 16:33 Amanda:

    Dang…I just threw one of these out recently bc I couldn’t figure out how to “melt” out all the extra wax. Duh! Curious to try this!


    • 3/28/13 16:44 the Muse:

      I am too! can’t wait to get a candle down to the core now lol!


  • 3/28/13 16:42 Kathleen:

    Wow!! I’m so trying this- I also am guilty of disposing of my empty candles without a second thought. I’ll pick up some marbles and turn it into a brush jar!! So psyched!!

    P.S. Muse, when I haven’t visited your site in over a week, it’s not because I don’t want to or because I’ve found somewhere else to go. It’s because I have literally a full day or two of interesting posts to read, and that becomes a mini party for me!! I feel the need to “stock up” on posts occasionally, so if you see website statistics of posts read continuously throughout the wee hours of night, that could be me. Lol! Thanks for posting like a crazy woman, I love it!!


  • 3/28/13 17:01 auroragyps:

    I’ve done the freezing method to get wax out of candle holders before (works great for tart burners), but I found another method that works well too, in case freezing doesn’t work. You pour boiling water (from a kettle heated on the stove or electric kettle… using the microwave to boil water for this doesn’t work, because the water cools down too fast) into the candle holder to cover the wax by an inch or so (depends on the size of the holder) and let it sit for several hours until the wax has melted, risen to the top of the water, and then cooled. If the wax doesn’t come off in one big disc, you can easily use a knife to cut into manageable pieces. You just have to wash with soap & water after that.


  • 3/28/13 17:48 Fatima Khalid:

    Ahhhhh-maazing come I never thought of that before! Thanks Muse! 😀


    • 3/29/13 9:57 the Muse:

      my pleasure 😀


  • 3/28/13 18:08 Diana:

    Hi Muse!

    I have been following your blog for awhile (I love your skincare reviews & swatches!), but this is the first time I am commenting. Awhile ago, I’m not sure why, but I was watching youtube videos about re-purposing candle jars. One specifically stood out to me. If you are interested in prettifying those empty jars, you should check out Her finished jars are quite fun/pretty. :)


    • 3/29/13 10:06 the Muse:

      zomg how awesome thanks Diana GREAT link! 😀 and thanks for the follow, truly appreciate it 😀 Please come out and say hello from time to time love talking to readers! TGIF!


  • 3/28/13 20:41 Melody:

    I have many of these and desp NEED containers as a lippie junkie! Thanks to you all for sharing! =^_^= I wanna Pin this!


    • 3/29/13 9:55 the Muse:

      my pleasure melody! such a fun idea!


  • 3/28/13 21:22 Shelby:

    For some reason a bunch of mine have black burnt areas that just won’t come off, ah well.


  • 3/29/13 3:36 B3beautybyblanca:

    I recycle candle jars,painted them inside and keep hair ties,barettes,bobby pins,brushes.And they look nicely done!!


  • 3/29/13 4:09 Bailey:

    I’ve been using one of the ‘cute’ Halloween ones (with a sparkly skull on it) to store lip gloss, but I love the idea of using them for cotton rounds and what not!


  • 3/29/13 5:42 Jaz:

    I am currently using 3 empty jars in my room: one for makeup brushes , one for lip glosses , and one for eyeliners/mascara. That reminds me that I need to create more empty jars


  • 3/29/13 8:07 Jes:

    Holy CRAPZ! Thanks Muse!


    • 3/29/13 9:15 the Muse:

      lol my pleasure :)


  • 3/29/13 8:31 Seagulls:

    Ooh! You can do this with Kringle and Diptyque candles really well, too.


  • 3/29/13 13:38 Kate:

    My natural foods grocery store used to sell pillar candles in class containers. For my wedding, I would melt the wax, be left with a variety of vases, and then use them for my centerpieces. It was genius, sadly the store doesn’t carry those candles anymore.


  • 3/31/13 0:27 Olivia:

    I did this to one candle and I love it…I want my candles to run out so I can do it again!


  • 4/1/13 23:07 Avalith:

    Wow wow this is so easy! I heard of recycling candle jars but I didn’t think it would be this easy by putting them in the freezer!


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