Avon Color Precise Lipstick Available Now

Avon Color Precise Lipstick

New lippie alert from Avon ladies (and lads)! Check out the new Avon Color Precise Lipstick as it surely does look interesting.

This diamond shaped lipstick offers precise application in a color rich formula.

Take a peek!

Avon Color Precise ($4.99) is formulated with Vitamin E with honey and aloe extracts that makes for a gorgeously moisturizing formula according to Avon. The innovative diamond shape looks like it’ll fit the contour of the lip quite nicely!

I have a great love for Avon lipsticks so I’m definitely wanting to try this formula.

These are available in twelve shades and are available now at shop.avon.com

P.S. How was your weekend? Hope it was GREAT! We are back to cold, rainy weather again this Monday morning! Ugh anyone for a nap?

  • 4/29/13 14:45 Ruth:

    We can watch some Doctor Who on the telly with a bowl of buttered popcorn and let the TV watch us.


    • 4/29/13 14:56 the Muse:

      sounds good to me. Journey to the Centre of the Tardis needs a second watch ;-D OH the references, my head is spinning!


      • 4/30/13 0:12 melissa:

        shush please. I recorded it and have to stay off social media so I don’t get any spoilers. lol


        • 4/30/13 9:31 Ruth:

          when you get to it, you’re gonna love it! so good!


  • 4/30/13 0:25 Olivia:

    Cool shape!


  • 4/30/13 4:21 Heather:

    I love the innovative diamond shape, more precise application we hope! Go avon!


  • 5/1/13 0:29 Iris:

    What a unique, pretty design. The red ones look really good.


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