Chanel Precieuse Rouge Allure Review & Swatches

Chanel Precieuse Rouge Allure

I wouldn’t typically advise you to go out and buy a beige lipstick but I wouldn’t stop you if Chanel Rouge Allure in Precieuse caught your eye and your fancy.

Released with the Chanel Spring 2013 Collection this rather drying shade of beige wouldn’t be something I’d normally navigate to but I admit, I kinda love it.

Chanel Precieuse Rouge Allure Swatches

La Favorite, Captivante, Precieuse

I admit, at a glance, I’d probably walk pass Precieuse. It’s just not a shade I’d typically give a second glance to. It’s an odd color as it feels like a no nonsense beige but it has elements of peach and rose that make it all the more wearable. If you’re lighter of skin tone with less pigment in your lips you’ll LOVE it. Don’t get me wrong, I have pigmented lips and wore it equally nicely but I think it’ll really shine on lips that are paler.

In the tube it looks very beige to me but on lips it goes nude peach. It mutes lips out to a perfect natural finish which in turn would make a great base for a clearer gloss. So basically if you love that nude, natural no lipstick lip look this is a shade that can perfect that look for you.

Of course, the Rouge Allure formula ruins the shade slightly for me. Rouge Allure is sometimes a complete hit for me or a terrible miss. In this case, the formula proves rather drying and looks drying. I do think Precieuse is COMPLETELY worth a pick up even if you spice it up with clear or gold shimmery gloss on top to deal with that dryness however, on its own the semi-matte finish does accentuate flakes if you have them and will prove an uncomfortably moist-less wearing lipstick.

Chanel Precieuse Rouge Allure FOTD

But in the end maybe Precieuse is worth it. When I come across a shade of nude that I can actually wear without looking like living dead girl, I’d say its a keeper.

Available now at or Chanel counters.

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  • 4/10/13 12:50 Rads:

    Finally…another human who finds this formula drying!! I was almost convinced there was something horribly wrong with my lips 😐

    I do agree, though, they have some pretty colors, and this looks quite nice on you :)


    • 4/10/13 13:04 the Muse:

      rads I find it varies shade to shade…sometimes it’s the most awesome formula ever and other times it is SO horribly drying. this is one of those shades 😀 aw thanks chica! I think it might be a shade worth the dryness ;-D


      • 4/19/13 17:22 nadine:

        horrible on me! they completely dry out my lips within 2 hrs -.-
        but I know plenty of Chanel SA’s who’d tell you the same 😉
        don’t worry


  • 4/10/13 15:19 Janelle:

    La Favorite will be mine :) And I have a Nordstrom Note so it wont feel dreadfully expensive!


    • 4/10/13 15:22 the Muse:

      lav favorite is lovely ;-D


  • 4/10/13 16:30 melissa:

    This looks good on you! I didn’t buy it because well I have an arsenal of Chanel lippies and just didn’t want it. I agree that this is a formula usually best reserved for a good lip day lol. I usually do a quick scrub and a tiny dab of balm, then apply the liner or lipstick. That being said, I have a couple from this group that go on smooth and aren’t drying, LOL I wish there was consistency.


  • 4/11/13 8:51 chrissie:

    Seems that Chanel needs to revisit their formula. From my experience, their lippies with some glitter or frost finish (e.g. Ardent) are those that are really drying, but the creamy ones (like Flamboyante) are quite comfortable to wear. The colors however are so complex and beautiful, gotta hand them that! :)


  • 4/11/13 11:31 Jen:

    Too bad the formula’s a miss on this one – I love colors like this! Thanks for your thorough review. :)


    • 4/11/13 13:15 the Muse:

      my pleasure jen!


  • 4/11/13 11:40 Sarah S.:

    Ooooh, so purty on you!


    • 4/11/13 12:56 the Muse:

      aw thanks!


  • 4/11/13 22:20 Iris:

    They all look pretty, especially La Favorite. Too bad about the dryness, though.


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