Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Shadow Palette Review & Swatches

Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Shadow Palette Spring 2013

Sonia, I’d love to sit down with you and discuss the magic behind your Moroccan Dunes Eyeshadow Palette. How exactly did you create a stunning metallic eyeshadow palette like this that actually has a metallic finish…? Share with us please!

This stunning Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Shadow Palette ($16.99) is available for a limited time this Spring and has four jaw dropping metallic eyeshadows that leave frost behind and embrace a true metallic finish.

I dunno about you but I run across so many metallic eyeshadows that look incredible in the pan but they apply with a way frosty finish on my lids however, this palette actually applies with a true metallic finish that will look incredible with a tan if that’s your game look of choice for the Spring/Summer season.

Take a peek!

Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eyeshadow Palette

Housed in a slick circle palette with a generously sized mirror inside the Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Shadow Palette is home to four beautiful metallic eyeshadows in precious metal hues of burnished brown, metallic mauve, prismatic pink, and rose gold to illuminate eyes with a gorgeous sheen of color.

The hybrid formula feels like a creamy powder but applies like a liquid on eyes for a sparkling, gorgeous metallic effect. Although gorgeous these shadows have major fall out so I suggest a sponge tipped applicator for application and a good cream base to avoid sparkle/shimmer getting onto cheeks and under eyes.

Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Shadow Palette

Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Shadow Palette Swatches

The shadows have a smooth almost creamy texture with a sheerer color pay off that builds easily. I do again recommend an eyeshadow sponge applicator here because it builds the color to a truer finish versus a traditional brush which will not only cause fall out woe but provide a sheerer color pay off. I find the sponge packs color on nicely preventing the fall out and giving a truer finish to the shades.

They have a good deal of sparkle to them but aren’t frosty which is something I’ve had to contend with when it comes to metallic finish eyeshadows. These are a true liquid metal type finish that looks stunning in sunlight. They shimmer, sparkle, and have an almost wet look on eyes!

They do tend to crease so a eyeshadow primer will having them wearing long and hard. Without I experienced creasing within a two hour period but with I was good for all day wear.

Overall, the Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Shadow Palette is a little hidden gem that might have passed you by this Spring but I urge you to get to Target and pick it up before it disappears. This is a keeper.

Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Shadow Palette Face of the Day

Sonia Kashuk Moroccan Dunes Eye Shadow Palette FOTD

Muse Approved.

Available now at Target and

Anyone own it?


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  • 4/17/13 20:27 kdurant:

    You look great in it.Made me verrry interested in this palette , hmmmm ! TY Muse…I think ???


    • 4/18/13 9:33 the Muse:

      hehe you’re welcome ;D


  • 4/17/13 22:07 Angie:

    I picked this up a week ago and love it!! I agree with you about the fallout but I love the palette enough to deal with it. :)


    • 4/18/13 8:34 the Muse:



  • 4/18/13 13:11 Cindy Ramirez:

    I need to find these and take my first trip to a shooting range. Just sayin’.


  • 4/18/13 13:56 Marcela:

    LOL at the Joffrey poster. I’ve read the 5 books and can’t wait for the rest. Don’t want to say anything though, I’m capable of spoiling the series for someone! Pretty shadows by the way, I’m a fan of neutrals.


    • 4/18/13 13:57 the Muse:

      ditto eagerly awaiting the next book…..BEEN TOO LONG! :)


  • 4/18/13 14:57 kristanna:

    Muse, this and the bronzer that has the reptile print are made from the same ingredients the in extra dimension from mac but at a lower price point. Did a lot of research on this. Its a beautiful quad.


    • 4/18/13 15:07 the Muse:

      HA NO kid! wow!!!!!!!! texture feels a little different to me though…! mac feels a little smoother but none the less great palette ;-D


  • 4/18/13 17:14 Kim:

    I bought this a couple weeks ago and am obsessed! I actually went to buy another one as backup, but it was sold out at my target. All 4 colors are ao wearable and gorgeous. The rose gold ,
    matches my skintone so well, it manages to be incredibly subtle yet metallic and sparkly at the same time. It is my new all time favorite lid shade.


  • 4/19/13 0:44 blueraccoon:

    This may just be me, but the colors on this look similar (altho maybe not the finish) to Chanel Raffinement? Maybe? I’ll keep an eye out for this next time I’m at Target.


    • 4/19/13 13:35 the Muse:

      oh yea kinda blue…more metallic but yeah colors are kinda similiar !


  • 4/22/13 4:55 Erin:

    Bought and returned this palette. Found that too many of the shades were packed full of chunky, gritty silver glitter. Huge pieces of glitter, like the craft kind, larger than Urban Decay’s worst! Too bad too, b/c it looked so promising in the pans, and the shades were nice. Also not a fan of the labeless packaging. I like to know the names of my products, and there is no label to be found on this palette. Overall, I saw no place for it beside the higher-quality shadows in similar shades in my collection, and it went back. LOVE the SK black brushes though!!


  • 4/22/13 23:47 Avalith:

    I’m not a fan of glitter and metallic shades, but this palette is SO BEAUTIFUL that I HAD to get it. You can apply it wet for more intense effect and I love to apply the darkest shade with a wet eyeliner brush. Absolutely beautiful!


    • 4/23/13 9:21 the Muse:

      yay happy to hear it :)


  • 5/8/13 7:59 Hamster:

    I picked this up a couple weeks ago, solely based on your Muse seal of approval. I’d never tried Sonia Kashuk, and normally I walk right by without giving it a second look. I’m really glad I took your word on this one; it’s stunning. Gotta say, you have NEVER steered me wrong!! Thanks so much for introducing me to yet another great drug…err, brand of makeup! :)


    • 5/8/13 9:28 the Muse:

      YAYYYY! happy to hear it hamster 😀 <3!


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