the Balm Instain Sneak Peek

the Balm InStain

Oooo I know you’re excited about the Balm Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush. I haven’t tried it yet, been testing it this week and so far so good.

I love the Balm’s blushes anyway so Instain looks like it’s going to be a hit.

Take a peek!

the Balm Argyle Instain Blush


the Balm Houndstooth Instain Blush


the Balm Lace Instain Blush


the Balm Pinstripe Instain Blush


the Balm Swiss Dot Instain Blush

Swiss Dot

the Balm Toile Instain Blush


These are $22 and promising the ease of application of a powder but the staining power of a stain. They are actually sold out at the moment but will be available in May at

If you hauled them during the recent sale I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.

My review is upcoming shortly.

  • 4/11/13 12:17 Angela:

    I have them all and LOVE them! So pigmented and gorgeous.


  • 4/11/13 12:19 Tiffany:

    I ordered Houndsooth and Pinstripe. I can’t wait til they get here. They are backordered until May, so it will be awhile. I look foward to your review to live vicariously through you until then.


  • 4/11/13 12:34 Kristen:

    I ordered them during the sale and now I got an email saying something shipped from theBalm….I thought they were backordered?! Anywho, that would be great to receive them this week! Can’t wait for your review!


    • 4/11/13 13:20 Jamie:

      Same here! Either way I’m just excited I don’t have to wit until May for my whole order.


  • 4/11/13 13:15 Diane Krny:

    OMG..I ordered 4 of these during the week they were working on the them 4 days later and they are beyond awesome!!! Creamy PIGMENTED and last 14 hours without fading. I went back the day the sale sent live and ordered the other two..they said BO till 5/1 but they shipped them 2 days ago!!!! Muse these are spool awesome..thanks for giving is the heads up!!


    • 4/11/13 13:19 the Muse:

      yayyyy diane! that’s awesome they were OOS but still shipped w0000t! glad you likes ’em girl! :) I’m testing now and terribly impressed!


  • 4/11/13 13:16 carm:

    I have been using Houndstooth for the past week or so and I love it. It leaves me with faint color at the end of my workday. Seeing your pics, I noticed a couple have little specks of color in them. Weird.


  • 4/11/13 13:22 Jamie:

    I got Argyle in the sale. Now I’m wish I got Houndstooth and Lace too.


  • 4/11/13 13:54 Janelle:

    Toile, Swiss Dot, and Lace are mine…hurry up and mail them TheBalm! These are my first blushes without shimmer which should be nice for the summer months as well as when my skin is not looking so great and I do not want to highlight flaws :) I cannot wait for Muse to swatch these and tell me all about them so I can drool over them even more!


    • 4/11/13 13:55 the Muse:

      hehe janelle ;-D yayyyyy! enjoy your haulage!


  • 4/11/13 15:09 Cindy Ramirez:

    Oh these are just gorge! They look like they’re going to blend like a dream 😀


  • 4/11/13 15:32 Chelsea:

    I have Argyle – It’s a little too pink for my taste, but it’s SUPER pigmented (I have to use a fan brush, and even then it’s a bit strong) and lasts on the cheeks (which is a huge issue for me).


  • 4/11/13 15:40 ladybird:

    I picked up Houndstooth and Argyle in the sale, but I wished I had picked up Pinstripe too…such a pretty color!


  • 4/11/13 17:55 blueraccoon:

    I snagged Argyle and Toile, and now I’m wishing I’d gotten Houndstooth and Pinstripe as well. Sigh. I placed two orders during the sale, but the second one was for all three ‘boy’ blushes rather than more of the Instain blushes. But those are also awesome, so…


  • 4/11/13 19:26 Simone:

    Pinstripe and Toile, I’ve got my eye one u!


  • 4/11/13 20:08 kk:

    can you tell me the difference between houndstooth and pinstripe? sorry they look they same to me


  • 4/11/13 21:21 Courtney:

    Mine shipped today. Drive faster, mailman!!!!!! Sheesh! This girl can’t get this blush fast enough!


    • 4/12/13 9:48 the Muse:



  • 4/12/13 9:02 Joan:

    I ordered Toile, Lace and Argyle and cannot wait to get them. Argyle looks prettier in your swatch, Muse, than on The Balm website. I’m hoping they ship sooner than 5/1. I do see that my account has been charged, so maybe they will be on the way. I may also go back for Swiss Dot.


    • 4/12/13 9:44 the Muse:

      joan I think you might get lucky I’m hearing reports of them shipping even though they say OOS on the website ;D


      • 4/12/13 17:04 Joan:

        Muse, I think (and hope) you’re right. I see on my order status, the order is processing. Also, I e-mailed them and wanted to remove one of the shades from my order and in a reply e-mail from someone at The Balm, it sounded like they would be shipping sooner than later. Yeah!!!!!


        • 4/16/13 11:46 the Muse:

          YEAH joan hope you got them already!


  • 4/12/13 11:14 Bethany:

    These pictures look different from the original promo pic and the swatches on the site. Houndstooth and pinstripe looked so dark, so I ordered Lace. Now, I wish I had ordered pinstripe because Lace looks too bright for my fair skin.—Who am I kidding, I will eventually end up buying both and Argyle as well. I also picked up Cabana Boy (the only Boy missing from my collection) as well as a Stainiac. I hope they get here soon!


  • 4/12/13 13:35 Jessica:

    *_____* I got Houndstooth and Swiss Dot during the sale, but there was a moment in time where I seriously had to stop myself from getting all of them! They were already backordered when I checked out, but 50% off, I think I can survive until May 😉 Can’t wait for your review! (unless it’s just going to make me impatient in which case take your time lmao)


  • 4/12/13 14:03 Iris:

    I look forward to your review. Quite a few of these look really good.


  • 4/14/13 4:47 Jaz:

    Waiting for reviews of these. A few colors look really good :) I did not participate in the sale ( brakes for the car won instead :( )


  • 4/23/14 13:09 Reihan Putri:

    I have an oily skin and I don’t think there’s any blush could stay on my face longer than 2 hours. Will you recommend the balm instain?


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