DuWop Summer 2013 Collection

DuWop Summer 2013

DuWop is one of my favorite brands but since leaving Sephora it gets so little love. So I’m happy to tell you about DuWop Summer 2013 today! Any excuse to get a little DuWop love going on!

It’s such a damn shame that they’ve become such a low key brand lately especially since they used to do some great offerings.

Take a look at some of their new Summer offerings.

DuWop The One Brush $25
A new double ended brush with a large fluffy end to apply bronzer, powder, and blush and a smaller head which can be used for eye shadow, concealer, cheek gel, etc…!

DuWop the One Brush
DuWop Private Lipstick in Private Pearl $22
The Private Lipstick formula is a color-changing lipstick that morphs into a perfect personal shade. The newest shade, Private Pearl, is a pure white mod lipstick.

DuWup Private Pearl Lipstick
DuWop Fall Out Shadow $29
These new shadows come in three different shades and promise a fall out free applicaiton thanks to an ultra smooth Fall Out Catching Powder that can be used under eyes to dust away fall out.

DuWop  Fall Out Shadow
DuWop Fall Out Shadow Summer 2013

  • Sensuede (smoldering dark suede)
  • Plush (burgundy plum)
  • Corduroy (rich brown)

These new offerings are available online now at shop.duwop.com

Anything that interests you?

Are you a DuWop fan?

Any fav products?

Do share!

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