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Hope you’re having a good week. It’s a short week thankfully! Been a rainy few days in Gotham but not much we can do about it outside of complain daily. And when the heat and humidity arrive? Complain some more. You know New Yorkers, never happy.

I have taken to doing a great Makeup & Beauty On my Desk Series on Instagram so if you don’t follow me, well, you’re missing out. Not really…sooner or later everything I Instagram ends up on Musings anyway but it sounded dramatic saying that.

Basically it consists of beauty and makeup that passes across my desk so you can get a bit of a sneak peek of what might be coming up in terms of reviews.

This week quite a few lovely Asian goodies are passing across my desk like the Etude House Color Pop Collection and BRTC’s new Jasmine Water CC Cream. Slay me, I adore the BB Cream and now a CC Cream version?

Life is good.

In other news, I’m currently working on my 50th Anniversary jacket for Gallifrey One 2014 and this will make an appearance:


Dontcha just love Etsy? You can find anything.

Oh and whoever said Game of Thrones went off the reservation is right. Started out quite good but yeah, not really following the book..but hey, it’s DAMN good entertainment.

Have a wonderful hump day!

  • 5/29/13 10:17 AnniLau:

    Their choice of actor (and wardrobe) for Daario made me grumpy face. He looks more like a LoTR film elf.


    • 5/29/13 10:20 the Muse:

      lol true but I think blue hair wouldn’t quite translate well to tv. they also seemed to make him more attractive than I imagined him!?


    • 5/29/13 10:20 the Muse:

      ps I watched….five or six episodes and I’m all caught up but you were right (and a few others who said so) they have kinda gone off in an odd direction. Still damn good tv though ;D


    • 5/29/13 14:25 Cindy Ramirez:

      Omg I know right?! I pictured him looking so much more exotic! Deeper skin tone, darker hair. I was super disappointed!!


      • 5/29/13 14:41 the Muse:

        they intentionally made him good looking for emilia clarke, the blue hair just wasn’t flying ;D


  • 5/29/13 10:56 Cj:

    Is the jasmine cc the same color as the bb?


    • 5/29/13 11:05 the Muse:

      i dunno didn’t swatch that believe it is white and adapts :)


  • 5/29/13 12:48 Ruth:

    I adore etsy! I just received a nail polish set based on jem and the holograms & synergy is outrageous!


    • 5/29/13 12:51 the Muse:

      AHHHHHHHHHHH love ;-D you know how much I adore jem! ;D


  • 5/29/13 13:04 Ruth:

    then check this out –


    • 5/29/13 13:08 the Muse:

      you suck I ordered that in the hoodie! LOVE! I just did a bloody redbubble order now more !? *hits you over the head*


      • 5/29/13 14:40 ruth:

        hahahahaaaaa!!! hilarious! did you get the pull over or the zip? & ouch!


        • 5/29/13 14:47 the Muse:

          oh god I can’t do pull overs! they make me feel like I have a turtle neck on and I hate turtle necks!!!!!!!!!!! got the zip! 😀 they have a similar site like this in the UK I shop from and it drives me bonkers designs are only available for one day lol!


          • 5/29/13 15:02 ruth:

            I got the zip hoodie too since I have so many t-shirts. I just t-shirt laundry and filled the washer up twice with just shirts. it took forever to fold them =)I figured get a hoodie, cause you know I don’t have enough of those *eye roll*

          • 5/29/13 15:05 the Muse:

            i actually don’t wear tshirts all that much but I live out of hoodies and jean jackets (typically wear a tank under a hoodie). Plus I always feel like they wash like rubbish and end up shrinking or looking generally sh$tty after I run them through the wash, they never quite have that super soft feel they did when I originally purchased them…! so hoodie is def a better investment ;-D did you see the cool Tardis one? I had to buy it ;D

  • 5/29/13 15:17 ruth:

    what cool tardis one? I must’ve missed it! I wash my t’s in cold with woolite and air tumble them dry. so far, I’ve had really good luck with them not shrinking too much. I’ve had problems with my tummy expanding but that is a different problem all together 😉 because I run cold, I pair my hoodies with a t because a tank would not be anywhere close to being warm enough for me.


    • 5/29/13 15:24 the Muse: ;-D I typically do cool and tumble dry too but they seem to shrink anyway :-/ can never regain that soft feel! girl, even in the middle of winter I do a tank with a hoodie hehe! I’m always cold too but I tend to be super hot when I have a hoodie on so the tank just feels the right ;D


      • 5/29/13 16:38 ruth:

        zoinks! that hoodie is too cute! it’s on amazon too, I’ll put it in my cart for later and think about it at least it’s not one of the shirt a day deals like the jem hoodie. also, I was eyeballing the union flag with the tardis t-shirt.


        • 5/30/13 9:27 the Muse:

          they have a 10% off coupon if you want it ;-D tempt! tempt! the union flag/tardis is cute! I just got the 50th anni shirt from England and it is amazeballs ;-D loves it so hard!


          • 5/30/13 11:23 ruth:

            you’re such an enabler!! I love it! ok-what’s the code? what 50th anniv shirt?

          • 5/30/13 11:30 the Muse:

            who me? ;-D code 18580 it’s basically all the doctor’s (like the one available on bbc america’s web shop) but the back has signatures from each 😀 pretty cool!

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