Mark Exotic Beauty Face Mosaics Review & Swatches

Mark Exotic Beauty Face Mosaics Spring 2013

Mark Exotic Beauty Face Mosaics ($16) is a new gorgeous highlighter launched with the Mark Marrakesh Collection. At a glance I thought this shimmering powder might work as a blush as there is a gorgeous coral buried in the design….

Blush and highlighter?

Did it work?

Sadly not…damn! This is a shimmering coral, gold, and bronze combination but the lighter beige gold dominates the powder so that’s exactly what translates to skin. The palette has this pretty floral burst design with a lovely burnt coral shade on the outer edges, see it? I thought perhaps I was dealing with a ton of over spray and that coral would make a lovely blush but sadly the creamy beige gold runs straight through the palette. Mark should consider taking that gorgeous coral and making a blush of it!

This has a frosty finish with a heavier velvety texture that feels almost like a creamy powder of sorts. You have to be extra careful during application as it is easy to over do things especially if you have larger pores or drier skin as this will accentuate such areas. I suggest a moisturizing primer for drier skin prior to application and using a fan brush so you can pick up a small amount of product and dust it on the tops of your cheek bones.

It has a golden beige reflection on skin that’s quite gorgeous when applied correctly. I happen to be a little bit of a klutz applying powders like this as I have a heavy hand. But if you can refrain and get just the right dusting down I promise you’ll be quite pleased with the results especially on tanned or olive skin tones!

Mark Exotic Beauty Face Mosaics

Mark Exotic Beauty Face Mosaics Swatches

Overall, the Mark Exotic Beauty Face Mosaics is a stunning little highlighting powder that brings a beautiful glow to skin! Reserve it for that night after a day at the beach or the pool to give your newly tanned skin the perfect pop!

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  • 5/7/13 20:03 Helen:

    I agree that the coral should be available as a blush! So pretty.


  • 5/7/13 21:28 Alanna:

    WOAH that is one of the prettiest shimmery rose golds I’ve ever seen! btw Muse, have you tried any Rouge Bunny Rouge stuff? I discovered them on beautyhabit and migrated over to their brand website too and I’m really intrigued and enchanted :3 pretty packaging, killer marketing LOL


    • 5/8/13 10:03 the Muse:

      i have alanna 😀 they have some really great stuff ;-D! def worth exploring :D!


      • 5/9/13 1:08 Alanna:

        any favs? I don’t think I’ve seen you review any, if you ever have a chance to I would LOVE to hear your thoughts <3 I think I'm especially tempted by the liquid foundation, the powders, and the fragrance, but I seriously wantwantwant everything~


        • 5/9/13 9:42 the Muse:

          from mark hmmm I like the blush sticks, the glosses, quite a few items are good :) the fragrances are lovely as well! I’ve reviewed a slew of their products:


          • 5/9/13 10:51 Alanna:

            oh oops I meant rouge bunny rouge still! I should have specified >_<

          • 5/9/13 11:01 the Muse:

            oh sorry! I’ve their gloss, eyeshadow, mmm not their fragrances though and I believe blush (I have a few odd pieces)…I’ll see about reviewing them 😀 give you some idea of what the products swatch like, look like, etc.!

          • 5/9/13 11:28 Alanna:

            that would be the BEST! you are just the loveliest <3

          • 5/10/13 9:59 the Muse:

            aw shucks *blush*

  • 5/8/13 7:17 Heather:

    so pretty! Love the combination of colours


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