Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Review & Swatches

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

Good news Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation fans it now comes in Fair! No Foundation Foundation Fair provides a non chemical SPF 30 along with age-fighting ingredients that offer natural coverage much like my beloved Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer.

Sure the name is confusing but I promise the results aren’t anything but brilliant!

As a huge fan of Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer I was every so eager to try out No Foundation Foundation but the single universal shade was unfortunately too dark for me. Thank the makeup gods that we now have a Fair version available. Considering the color pay off on either shade is very subtle you’d think I would have no issues with the original unfortunately, it turned a bit orange on me so I was quite happy about the intro of this new shade (this is happened to me with Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation as well).

This is a light more universal shade of creamy beige with beige undertones. I think it would be most suitable for a medium fair to medium skin tone. Ironically the fair isn’t really a perfect match for really pale English rose skin in my opinion however, the shade should be suitable for a wider range of tones in the medium range.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Swatches

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Fair Swatches

I think I love No Foundation Foundation so much because it just provides a more natural healthy look to skin. This is very sheer and doesn’t technically offer coverage but corrects more than anything else. It provides lasting moisture to my drier skin with a runnier gel-like consistency that absorbs instantly. It contains a light diffusing mica that softens the appearance of less than smooth skin and blurs finer lines or pores if you have them. Don’t worry, the mica doesn’t not produce a shimmery finish or a glow. Believe me if it was a glow of anything I’d run far and fast from it.

I suffer from duller, drier skin myself and this provides just the right amount of color to ease that dullness and freshen my skin taking it from lackluster to healthier in a single application. It has a dewy to the touch finish that’s very comforting on m dry skin but should not be an issue for oily skin either since it is very lightweight.

It’s a little pricey at $55 but it contains Alpha Lipoic Acid as well as other anti-aging actives that firm skin and over time supposedly reduce the appearance of lines. I generally like the idea that I am doing something good for my skin through the wear so not only am I getting a fresh, flawless appearance but the added anti-aging benefits. I’d say it was one step up from a tinted moisturizer due to the anti-aging ingredients. The texture is a little watery in comparison to one but coverage and even SPF is about the same.

It comes in a brown frosted bottle with pump. Thankfully it distributes just the right amount of foundation when pumped, no more, no less. I’ve run into tricky pumps so it’s a relief this works well.

Unfortunately, if you’re seeking a ton of coverage this isn’t the product for you. This is light, sheer, breathable, and corrects some issues but does not conceal problems. This is one reason I like it as I already have fairly good skin that’s blemish-free but I do rely on foundation products to perk it up. This is a product that provides just the boast my skin needs to look perfect. So keep in mind when they say No Foundation Foundation, they really mean it.

Overall, No Foundation Foundation, outside of CC Creams that I’ve been exploring lately, is probably one of favorite Summer time foundation products. This is lightweight, provides some moisture but not too much, perfects skin, and has basic sun protection plus some anti-aging benefits as well? Count me smitten.

It’s available now at Sephora,, or learn more at


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  • 5/28/13 19:03 Veronica:

    Whoa, yeah, I’d say that’s a little too dark for us very fair girls, haha. It looks like it may pull yellow, too, if you’re very cool-toned. Hopefully, they’ll expand the range as it gains traction on the market. I’ve heard marvelous things about their brand.


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